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Tautropfen amalur at Violey
The rich composition of Tautropfen natural cosmetics series Amalur especially serves the high demands of skin that needs regeneration. With its moisture depots of squalene and linoleic acid, precious amaranth oil intensively protects the skin from drying out. Even though it is one of the oldest cultivated plants of the world, amaranth is only known to insiders. Amaranth is also called Gold of the Inca. Amaranth oil shows significantly higher fractions of squalene, a skin fat component than most other oils used in body care products. Amaranth oil contains nearly ten times the amount of squalene than the often used olive oil. Tautropfen Amalur supports the smoothing of existing lines and wrinkles. Free radicals are extremely reaction-friendly, dangerous metabolites which fuel the ageing process. The vitamin C carrying extract of the Australian cockatoo plant is protecting you from this. Additional agents like Aloe Vera, macadamia nut oil and shea butter make Tautropfen Amalur a high-effective anti-ageing care and makes you look smoother and tauter. The Tautropfen Amalur series contains:
Tautropfen jalë at Violey
For the Rose care series of Tautropfen only flowers of the incredibly scenting, noble Damascena rose from Orient are used. Damascena roses are a breeding with a heavy, bewitching scent, which have been cultivated in the Anatolian area since the days of the ancient world. By the end of the 13th century, crusaders brought the Damascena rose into European gardens. In many fairy tales of Arabian Nights the special scent of Damascena roses was admired. Even today it is considered to be one of the most important oriental fragrances. The largest growing area is found in Bulgaria. The Damascena roses coming from Iran are said to be the ones of the highest quality. Therefore, Tautropfen obtains its precious rose oil and rose water from the Iranian province of Kerman, both raw materials for the high quality rose products of Tautropfen. In earlier days, opium was grown on today’s rose fields. Within the project “Roses instead of Opium” – which is supported by Tautropfen – these former opium fields are now used for controlled organic growing of Damascena roses. The rose leafs are harvested by hand. The extraction of the essences is done by means of pure natural almond oil. The Tautropfen rose oil series:
Tautropfen amea at Violey
The primary origin of sea buckthorn is Nepal. From there, the deciduous plant spread over East and West Asia and Europe to Germany. Extraction of sea buckthorn oil is very complicated. It takes six years from planting to first harvest. Then, additionally, there are the difficulties in harvesting, resulting from a well-fortified and thorn-rich bush that has to be hand-picked. But the precious plant oil makes it worth the while. Due to its large portions of vitamin B1 and C, its high number of trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, sea buckthorn oil is considered to be extraordinarily contributing to healing. The sea buckthorn’s content of vitamin C is nearly nine times the one of citrus fruits. In Asian traditional medicine sea buckthorn has been playing a major role for centuries. The Asians say that with using sea buckthorn oil, salve, or crème, the plant’s original power of resistance is transferred to the human body. One thing is sure: the oil of the sea buckthorn refreshes dry skin, bind free radicals, soothes inflammations can be used as sun protection and helps with allergies. It supports skin regeneration and is therefore ideal for baby care. Tautropfen sea buckthorn products serve as a sustainable backing of natural cell renewal. The Tautropfen sea buckthorn series:
Tautropfen fluidum at Violey
The oceans are the origin of life on planet Earth. Over 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. The predominant part of it is sea water. Already millions of years ago, algae lived in the primal ocean, which transformed nitrogen compounds into oxygen for example. This made life on Earth possible at all. Even today, two third of the needed oxygen is produced by sea algae. Only one third is made by plants on the land. Substances from the oceans are so compatible with the human organism, because the mineral content of sea water is nearly identical with the one of human blood. Additionally, nearly no other product of nature has such a high fraction of minerals, trace elements and vitamins as sea algae. The reason for stressed skin is most likely a lack of minerals and trace elements. Therefore, the agents coming out of the sea are so perfectly adequate to relax and regenerate the skin. Algae support blood circulation, improve oxygen supply, keep skin’s moisture and boost general defence forces of the skin. The grooming foundation of Tautropfen Fluidum is a harmonic combination of substances of the agent-charged pure brown algae with maritime minerals and trace elements, which regenerate, strengthen connective tissue and act anti-inflammatory. Rich almond and advocado oils as well as precious butter of the Cupuaçu fruit from the Brazilian rain forest support skin’s defensive forces and complement the complex of active ingredients. Sensitive and or irritated skin is noticeably soothed and groomed. From Tautropfen natural cosmetics series Fluidum you can get:
Tautropfen elixier at Violey
Many important vitamins, minerals and acids which are essential for human skin, are supplied by food. But to support skin additionally from the surface, Tautropfen offers high-grade special products. During its life time, it becomes more and more difficult for the skin to keep its elasticity, its moisture and its strengths. Small wrinkles are often marks of arguments, emotions and life experiences, while weather, stress and the personal lifestyle just top it up. Even the noblest anti ageing crèmes can not stop time. But a high-grade, vegetable skin care crème can supply the skin with an optimum of agents, support the skin’s defensive forces and activate the regeneration process. The anti ageing fluid Amea from Tautropfen depends on agents of exotic fruit oils, coming from sunny South America. In the midst of the Brazilian rain forest dark violet acai fruits grow on high trees. These fruits hold high-value polyphenols for defending free radicals and for supporting collagen production. Another part of Amea comes from the Columbian rain forest. The crimson to purple coloured passion fruits stand out through their large and wonderful flowers before they reach maturity. The seeds of passion fruit are source for a oil, rich of linolenic acid, which is won gently by pressing. Linolenic acid supports skin’s moisture household. Pure pleasures are also the other high-value ingredients like green tea, shea butter and almond oil.
The Aquatau liquid nectar is pure floral nectar of torch lilies. Already at earliest morning, when the sun just chases away darkness, the organic farmers in southern France move towards their fields to strip the yellow to crimson flowers from their nectar. The torch lilies do not mind. During anthesis, the plant produces determined every new day one tea spoon of these precious vegetable proteins. The pure floral nectar is a true treasure. The ingredients protect from free radicals, vitalise vital skin functions and act anti-inflammatory. The skin relaxes and receives an extra portion of freshness. Whatever you do: the first wrinkles will show up at the age of 20.on their own. Regardless of skin type, the skin around the eyes shows only a small number of sebaceous and perspiratory glands, this making it more vulnerable to drying out and getting wrinkled. Therefore, the sensitive skin area around the eyes needs special care. The Nayana eye wrinkles fluid from Tautropfen supports the toning of dryness wrinkles and the enhancement of elasticity by a combination of natural agents. The special care component of Nayana is the seed oil of the South African wild plum “Ximenia”. Concerted with extracts of white lilies, eyebright and corn flower, this mixture refreshes and smoothes the sensitive skin around the eyes. For the Tautropfen eye wrinkles balm precious Damascena roses are doused with mild almond oil and combined with pure bee wax, skin-softening jojoba oil and high-grade evening primrose oil. This agent-rich essence pampers the dry eye region and dependably guards against wrinkles.
Tautropfen Pura Verde is a skin-tightening gel with precious extracts of daisies, Breton mallow flowers, algae and Aloe Vera. Skin’s moisture household can herby be stabilised, redness can be reduced and enlarged pores can be brought back to normal size again. The lily is a traditional medical plant, containing bittern, vitamins and minerals, whose caring effect has been known since the days of the dark ages. Extracts of mallow flowers were put already onto the skin in the ancient world due to their skin-tightening effect. Algae enhance blood circulation, regulate sebaceous gland function and give moisture. Pith of Aloe Vera is rich of effective ingredients like vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids. The Tautropfen Pura Verde skin-tightening gel is the ideal supplement to Nayana eye wrinkles crème. Tautropfen Pura Verde skin-tightening gel is also highly recommendable to men. Is soothes skin after shaving, grooms it with additional moisture and protects it from losing elasticity.
Body Oil from Tautropfen at Violey
Due to its shiny flower crown, the Saint-John’s-wort was considered as a symbol of light, wisdom and mind for a long time. Also its name comes from on of the sunniest days in the year – Saint John’s day in June. In Homoeopathy Saint-John’s-wort is used internally to treat nervous exposures and chronic exhaustion. The agents of Saint-John’s-wort are aught to sensitise the body for the energy of sun light to soak energy from it and to wake animal spirits. External application is focussed on the analgesic properties and on pro wound-healing effects. Already Paracelsus was attired in the healing powers of Saint-John’s-wort. When the golden flowers are held against the light, numerous small dots can be seen. These are tiny glands, filled with essential oil. In earlier days it was believed, that these little holes were created by the devil when he punctured the plant with a needle, driven by envy about the plant’s healing powers. In the Middle Ages people were convinced that the plant had not forgiven this and stuck Saint-John’s-wort into doors and windows to keep evil spirits and the devil himself away. Saint-John’s-wort is a maceration. After harvest, the plant’s leafs and flowers are put into a pot filled with olive oil for several weeks. The olive oil maturates and soaks in the agents of the Saint-John’s-wort. In the summer sun of Tuscany, the Saint-John’s-wort blooms for the crimson Tautropfen Saint-John’s-wort oil on organic farms. After being harvested, flowers and leafs are mixed in glass balloons with noble, cold-pressed olive oil in Demeter quality. While it reaches full maturity under the Italian sun, all natural plant ingredients are preserved. Especially stressed skin is supported by Tautropfen Saint-John’s-wort oil by its warming, relaxing and calming characteristics.
Under the hard pod of almonds there are gentle, but high-quality, ingredients that effectively support skin in its most vital functions. Tautropfen almond oil is cold-pressed from ripe seed of organic nuts. Almond oil contains valuable vitamins, diverse minerals, vital trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its composition, almond oil is considered to be one of the most valuable body oils. Compared to other body oils, almond oil needs a little longer to move into skin, making it perfect to treat dry and stressed skin. It is also highly recommended as high-value massage oil.
“He loves me, he loves me not…” – to answer this question no other flower has to sacrifice its nice and large petals more often than calendula. But the humble plant, which can grow on the most modest grounds, has far more to offer. The Greek healer Theophrastus already praised the plant’s effectiveness on skin damages. Also in the scripts of Hildegard von Bingen calendula recipes can be found. The priest Sebastian Kneipp used calendula essences for treating slow healing wounds. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial characteristics are not questioned today. Due to its skin-caring and calming characteristics, calendula essences are most favourably used in skin care products. The calendula for Tautropfen calendula products are grown in organic farming by Demeter farmers. The flowers are mixed with cold-pressed Demeter sunflower oil and kept in glass balloons and exposed to the sun for several weeks. This ensures that the oil can mature in peace and soak in the active agents of the calendula. Tautropfen calendula balm is gently made using unaltered Demeter bee way and unique essential oils. Tautropfen citrus oil helps to prevent from cellulite, connective tissue weakness and stretch marks. It binds moisture, vitalises, strengthens and activates skin tissue and therefore enhances skin toning.
Wash Clay from Tautropfen at Violey
Washing hair and skin with Rhassoul is most likely the oldest cleaning method of mankind and has been passed on since the ancient times. During the Middle Ages Rhassoul was traded as sought-after detergent in the whole Near East. It was not until the end of the 20th century that the western world rediscovered the outstanding characteristics of Rhassoul. Rhassoul is suitable for a gentle cleaning of hair and skin, as well as for effective face masks. Rhassoul is especially recommended for treating sensitive and allergic skin, as Rhassoul is free of tensides and charged with minerals. The washing-active lava clay is exclusively found in the Arabian Atlas Mountains and is excavated right on spot. It is completely free of fragrances, colorants, preservatives or artificial additives. Cleaning the skin with Rhassoul leaves the protective acid mantle of the skin intact. Sebaceous glands are not irritated and skin does not dry out. Rhassoul is 100% biodegradable.
Tautropfen Rhassoul is extremely fine grounded clay. It is suitable for a gentle but still effective cleaning of hair and skin. The skin stays sooth and soft and its natural toning remains untouched. Dust and dirt particles are bound by porous clay particles and washed away with the Rhassoul during rinsing.
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