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5 Stars
... My baby has been eaten it more than 1 year. She likes it very much. It's good! ...
5 Stars
... Really like this one! The colour is perfect for me and the lipliner stays on surprisingly well. ...
5 Stars
... Refreshing scent that brings back childhood memories, but doesn't stick to your hands. I woudn't ...
4 Stars
... I really like the scent of fresh lemons that the soap has. We use a lot of soap in our family so I ...
5 Stars
... Simply amazing! Very light on lips yet effective. Purchased few times and will keep buying again. ...
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At Violey you find 14,716 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 494 brands at reasonable prices.
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Sanchon Barbecue Sauces - Spicy, smoky, savory
Spicy, smoky, savory
Barbecue sauces are the classics at every successful barbecue. Sanchon has four barbecue sauces available that not only taste good but also underline the individual taste of vegetables, meat and fish. Exquisite spices and a gentle preparation guarantee the finest taste. The Barbecue Sauce is a typical savory-smoky spice sauce. It goes not only well with grilled meat but is...
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Tartufi di Fassia Truffle - Crème de la Crème for Gourmets
Crème de la Crème for Gourmets
For exquisite truffle indulgence you no longer need but go to Italy or France nowadays. The noble truffle products from Tartufi di Fassia bring the legendary flavor of the coveted tubers on the dining table at home. The Tartufi di Fassia Cream with white truffles is made exclusively with white Italian truffles from organic farming. You can taste the authentic and delicious...
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Kneipp Naturkosmetik Regeneration - For the moisture balance of the skin
For the moisture balance of the skin
The name dewy pine emerged because the drops are reminiscent of dew. In cosmetic laboratories one had found out that certain ingredients of the plant can support the regeneration of the skin. However, one did not have to collect the drops on the leaves. The secret in fact is embedded in the plant itself. Dewy pines have a high content of tannins and plant compounds that are...
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Sanchon Organic Spreads - Diversity of flavors in the sign of the Donkey
Diversity of flavors in the sign of the Donkey
Spreads and dips are known in all international cuisines. What the guacamole is in the Mexican cuisine, the Obatzer is for the Bavarians. The secret of Sanchon are individualized seasoning ideas from all of the world's cuisines. The inventors of the vegan Worcestershire sauce have been combining traditional ingredients with inventive approaches for a long time. In addition to...
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Sommer & Co. Melba Toast - Baked twice – double deliciously
Baked twice – double deliciously
Melba Toast always is a great choice! This is also proven by the three crispy delicious types of Sommer Melba Toasts. The Melba Toasts Rosemary & Olive Oil are baked without animal proteins and fats. Crispy, small and light. It is excellent for warm summer evenings with a glass of wine on the terrace. The Mediterranean Rusk also is great on every buffet in addition to olives,...
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Salus My Favorite Tea - A cup of well-being
A cup of well-being
Salus has summarized especially delicious tea blends in the line „Favorite Tea“. Salus My Favorite Herbal Tea is a delicious refreshing organic herbal tea with 18 selected aromatic herbs, spices and fruits. Among others lemongrass herb, rose hips, eucalyptus leaves, apple pieces and licorice provide for a deliciously full-bodied flavor. A wonderful tea for the late evening....
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Simply Raw Spreads - Raw Food with the Carrot Factor
Raw Food with the Carrot Factor
The Berlin couple Melanie Temborius and Oliver Thun, also known as Mr. & Mrs. Raw, has launched the brand Simply Raw. They want to oppose the product range of conventional shopping sites with an authentic and delicious raw organic alternative. Particularly in the area of raw food they score with detailed information. For example, with the Simply Raw Creams, three raw food...
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Schoenberger Extrabody Natural Cosmetics - Relaxation for skin and hair
Relaxation for skin and hair
In the body care line Extrabody the unique efficacy of fresh organic vegetable juices, high-quality herbal extracts and valuable vegetable oils merge to a very special body care. Experience the pampering care of selected plants. The Schoenenberger Extrabody Shower Gel Melissa and Verbena gently cleanses the skin with raw materials from corn starch and coconut oil which create...
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Biokosma Cleopatra - Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Inspired by the mythology of the beautiful Egyptian pharaoh Biokosma created the Cleopatra Body Care Line. The formulas with their pleasant texture and floral fragrance make the daily body care a pampering ritual. Mare's milk for beauty? In fact milk is a true multi-talent when it comes to skin care. The fat contained in milk soothed irritated skin and protects it from drying...
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Linea Natura American Cookies - Cookie enjoyment in the American way
Cookie enjoyment in the American way
Once a year, most Americans get an unannounced visit. Since more than 100 years „girl scouts“ go from house to house to sell cookies. In Europe, one does not have to wait until the girl scouts finally ring the bell. Linea Natura sweetens everyday life of young and old with three delicious varieties of American Style Cookies in best organic quality. Linea Natura American Style...
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