Sinfo Guafee

Roasted grain beverage & guarana
Premium quality - contains caffeine - 25% guarana
Sinfo Guafee, 125 g
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Sinfo Guafee is a tasty and energetic mixture of Italian roasted grain coffee and sinfo-guarana. The native South Americans have been using guarana for ages to increase endurance and energy, as well as to brighten one’s mood. Guarana-caffeine is - unlike normal caffeine - bound to tannins. Therefore it unfolds slower, retains longer and is very harmonic. Sinfo Guafee is a delicious alternative to bean coffee. To preserve the valuable ingredients of guarana, we consciously avoided making it instant. The deposit which results from this can be drunk. Start the day in a good mood by the powers of nature - Sinfo Guafee.
Application Sinfo Guafee:
Infuse one to two tea spoons in hot water, stir well. Sweeten to your convenience, add milk or cream, ready! You can also infuse Guafee in a little hot water and top up with hot milk. To preserve the valuable ingredients, do not use boiling water. Let the water rest for 3-5 minutes after boiling to ensure it has the perfect temperature.

125g are good for around 70 cups Sinfo Guafee.
Ingredients/INCI Sinfo Guafee:
75% roasted grain coffee (barley, malt, rye, fig), 25% guarana (contains caffeine)
All ingredients from 100% organic farming
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