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5 Stars
... Smells great. Very sweet, delicate and pleasant aroma. Just love this one! ...
5 Stars
... Its simply perfect. Even my daughter (2.8 years) love it. We are definitely buying more. ...
5 Stars
... Every Holle product I have tried so far has surpassed all my expectations in every way. I would ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I have been using it for a week now and i love it (31y). I use it with daily hidrating eye cream ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I have been using it for a week now and i love it (31y). I use it with night treatment (renewing ...
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Kerzenfarm Hahn Palmwax Ball Candle Grey

Diameter 8 cm
Kerzenfarm Hahn Palmwax Ball Candle Grey, 1 St.
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Kerzenfarm Palmwax Ball Candle Grey

. Kerzenfarm palm-wax candles are made out of 100% vegetable palm-wax, a renewable vegetable raw material. Palm-wax is extracted from the pulp of oilpalm trees, which are mainly cultivated in Indonesia and Malaysia. The palm-wax suppliers of Kerzenfarm commit themselves to take part in the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil". RSPO is an association of palm-wax producers and managers who stand up for a sustainable cultivation method of oil-palm plantation. Palm-wax candles burn with a calm flame. They do not drip or smoke.

Additional Information Kerzenfarm Hahn Palmwax Ball Candle Grey:

8 cm
Distributor: Kerzenfarm Hahn Michael Hahn e.K., Dorfstr. 21, DE-25596 Nienbüttel
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