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4 Stars
Dr. Dünner
... This is a very effective product. I'd like to introduce it to all my friends. ...
3 Stars
... All was fine with this product, but the smell is a bit strange and is too strong for dish ...
5 Stars
Lebenswert bio
... Easy to make! Especially tasty when made with the Holle formula. I've ordered it multiple times! ...
5 Stars
... Great. My baby loves it, and Holle is really good choice for baby. Hope more baby products could be ...
2 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... The smell really really Weird and really not too sure to put that on my feet ...
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Heirler Organic sugar beets syrup

The ideal sweetener for desserts
Heirler Organic sugar beets syrup, 450 g
450 g
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1 kg = 5,61 GBP
incl. 7% VAT.
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Heirler Organic sugar beets syrup

is one of the sweet spreads of Heirler. It tastes wonderful on your breakfast bread or as a delicious ingredient in one of your baked pastries or cakes. But it's also fantastc for all types of desserts. The sugar beet syrup is produced traditionally.

Ingredients/INCI Heirler Organic sugar beets syrup:

sugar beets from certified ecological farming
Bio Siegel
EU Organic
Organic products of the brand Heirler
are certified by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001.
Products at Violey are originally intended for sale into the German market. This explains why most of the labelling on product packages is in German only.
VIOLEY is certified from the
inspection body DE-ÖKO-001
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128 g
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360 g
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1 kg = 7,19 Euro
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100 g
2,59 Euro*
100 g = 2,59 Euro
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85 g
1,39 Euro*
100 g = 1,64 Euro
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1 x 8 St.
1,79 Euro*
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350 g
2,59 Euro*
1 kg = 7,40 Euro
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