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Govinda Soapnut shells, test pack

With a fabric bag
Govinda Soapnut shells, test pack, 1 St.
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Govinda soapnut shells, test pack

included Indian soap nuts for 3 washes in the washing machine. Soapnut shells are environment-friendly, especially eudermic and can be used without restrictions in washing machines. In contrast to conventional detergents, which contain a significant amount of problematic chemicals, the soapnut shows no such harmful substances. Govinda soapnut shells are a mild and softly cleaning organic detergent.

How does the Govinda soapnut work?

The soapnuts release a soapy leach as soon as get in contact with water. The enclosed reusable fabric bag is filled with 4 to 6 half soapnut shells, cord up tightly and put directly into the washing machine between the clothes. The washing is then done as used to with or without prewash. When exposed to high temperatures the soapnuts get softer than in cold water. Therefore, soapnuts used at low temperatures can be used again afterwards. The remains of soapnuts are discharged into bio-waste or compost.

What can be washed with Govinda soapnuts?

Perfectly adequate at all temperature levels: coloured laundry and hot wash from 30 to 90 degrees, wool and silk. Towelling becomes cuddly soft even without softener. Ideal for normally soiled laundry, colour-safe for colour laundry. For treating heavily soiled laundry adding a tablespoon of stain remover is recommended. For a natural smell of laundry, a essential oil, like lavender oil, can be added, too, during flushing.

All advantages in total

- 100% vegetable detergent for soft and gentle cleaning - but still clean and thorough. Neutral smell, biodegradable. Soft laundry without softener.
- Gentle with colours - you will have far longer fun with your coloured or bio clothes.
- Especially suitable for allergic people and people with skin diseases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis, who do react allergic to chemical detergents.
- environment-conscious washing - lakes and rivers are not contaminated with chemicals.

Application Govinda Soapnut shells, test pack:

1 kg Govinda soapnut shells last at 2 to 3 washings per week in a four-person family for about 1 year.

Additional Information Govinda Soapnut shells, test pack:

As only the shells hold the washing-active substances (saponin), Govinda soapnut shells are only shells, with no nuts mixed under!
Distributor: Govinda Natur GmbH, Waldhofer Str. 102, DE-69123 Heidelberg
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