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5 Stars
... Great care for chapped, dry, sore lips. I am a strong believer in the goodness of bee products, and ...
5 Stars
... Great product, I used it day and night, under SPF and on its own. Visibly tightens and firms the ...
5 Stars
... This formula is safe and taste good for my baby, thanks violey for providing good products. ...
5 Stars
... Like it. Was using for massaging foot and legs, feels nice warm and skin becomes soft ...
5 Stars
... So quick for receive the milk, baby love it sooooooooooooooooo much! i will buy it next time! ...
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AlmaWin Gall Soap

With the natural power of ox gall
AlmaWin Gall Soap, 100 g
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AlmaWin Gall Soap

Old traditional soap formula to remove stains of fruit, blood, ink, grass, grease and many more stains from colour fast laundry. The ox gall enzymes help in a very natural way to dissolve the different stains. Please test the colourfastness of coloured textiles beforehand on a hidden area of the laundry.

The 7 essential advantages of AlmaWin

1. Complete product system for sensitive skin
2. Successfully tested - dermatologically recommendable
3. Independent control by Certisys offers high ecological product quality
4. Gentle to the skin, recommended for allergic persons
5. Ingredients fully declared, free of GMO
6. Easily degradable raw materials from organic and natural cultivation
7. Quality concentrates with outstanding washing and cleaning power

Application AlmaWin Gall Soap:

Moisten the stain and the gall soap and provide the soiled patch with a coating of AlmaWin gall Soap, let it react for some minutes and rinse it out with clear water - put the pre treated laundry directly into the washing machine.

* Easy to use
* Ideal for trips and holidays
* Suitable for all white and colourfast textiles
Distributor: Almawin Reinigungskonzentrate GmbH, Talstr. 2, DE-73650 Winterbach
Products at Violey are originally intended for sale into the German market. This explains why most of the labelling on product packages is in German only.
VIOLEY is certified from the
inspection body DE-ÖKO-001
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