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5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... Great service as always! Excellent product, gives all day freshness. I am always impressed with Dr ...
5 Stars
... My son is on Holle since he weaned. He initially had problems switching from breast milk to formula ...
5 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... This is probably the only natural deodorant that has worked for me. It has no scent and does not ...
5 Stars
... This is the first Sencha tea I tried years ago, I still love it and always come back to it. ...
5 Stars
... Excellent perfume. Shipment fast and payment methods quite easy. It's a pity that I do not live in ...
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Primavera Sauna Therapy Sample Set - Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation and wellness are an important balance to our hectic everyday life. The sauna is the perfect place to come down. While sweating you can completely switch off your thoughts and unwind. But to have a sauna is not only relaxing it also contributes to a better well-being. The aromatic water poured over the heated stones thereby affects our mood. So Primavera compiled a...
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Farfalla Shaman Incense - Rediscover old knowledge
Rediscover old knowledge
The shamans of indigenous peoples are not only honoured by their one clan members, but also by the ones from other tribes. A integral part of shaman spirituality is burning incenses. To get in contact with innermost forces, powerful aromatic plants like arbour vitae, juniper, or white sage are burned. Burning incenses are used for various scopes. Shamans get into trance to get...
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The Weleda pomegranate beauty shower - Rich of agents and intensively caring
Rich of agents and intensively caring
The myths around pomegranate date deep back into the past. According to the legend, Hades – the god of the underworld – desired Persephone, the daughter of godfather Zeus and godmother Demeter. So Hades asked Zeus if he could marry his daughter. Zeus knew that both Persephone and Demeter would never freely agree to a wedding and so he said nothing. Hades took this as agreement...
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Florascent Parfum Aqua Orientalis Tishka - A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
In the Persian fairy tale One Thousand And One Night, King Shahryar was betrayed by his woman and a slave. Convinced that no woman would ever be faithful, he married every day a new woman and spent the night with her. At the next the morning the woman was then handed to the deathsman. One day, king Shahryar demanded Scheherazade, the wise daughter of his vizier. In the night,...
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Martina Gebhardt Baby & Kids Calendula Cream - Less is more. Especially when it is about baby care.
Less is more. Especially when it is about baby care.
Every mother who holds her baby in her arms only wishes for the best for the young human being. A young mother will also hear a lot of well-meant advice, recommendations and tips. This is very confusing, but still it is easy if one remembers and trusts the slogan “less is more”. And this slogan is true for toys and television, as well as for baby care. Especially in the first...
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Primavera Flavor Essences - Let your imagination run free culinarily
Let your imagination run free culinarily
Undoubted essential oils have a positive effect on us. Depending on the fragrance composition and its characteristics they can for example lift the mood or help us to relax. Essential oils are also well-known for their often impressive impact in aromatherapy. But have you ever used essential oils in your kitchen? No, then it's about time. With Primavera Flavor Essences there...
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Allos Amaranth fruit muesli - Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
When the first Europeans, lead by Hernando Cortez, landed on the previously unknown coast of Central America, they found a wonderful colour range of naturally grown plants and cultivations of Aztec farmers. Fields ranging from crimson to dark-red settled into green landscape as far as the eye could see. But the red fruit stands of the amaranth were not only colourful dots in...
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Rigoni di Asagio orange flower honey - Sweet nectar from busy Italian bees
Sweet nectar from busy Italian bees
The efficiency of bee colonies is most likely a result of a clear and strict division of labour in the beehive. Which function a single bee takes over is determined by sex and age. The life mission of male bees – the drones – is reduced only to reproduction. In the beginning this is quite comfortable but it will be there fate later. The female bees do everyday’s work....
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Beltane biofix Spaghetti Bolognese - Two-step seasoning for naturally fresh taste
Two-step seasoning for naturally fresh taste
In Swabian Neuburg, cooking was reinvented and has already been patented in 17 European countries. The result: Beltane biofix. Speciality of these innovative products from Swabia is a two-stage seasoning process. “Traditional Indian cuisine knows”, explains certified nutrition expert and Beltane CEO Simone Schleker, “that many heat-resistant condiments, like coriander or...
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Beltane Naturkost Prima Pasta - Bella Italia on your plate
Bella Italia on your plate
When you think of an Italian summer you immediately have the taste of fresh pasta and fruity tomato sauce in your mouth. When enjoying delicious pasta in combination with creamy sauce it comes to a true taste explosion. Now you can relive this experience authentically: Beltane Naturkost has developed three new ready meals that can be prepared quickly and simply. The scent of...
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