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4 Stars
... Nice product, it is absorbed very quickly and gives a form to the hair without making them oily and ...
2 Stars
... It is like a foam for hair, it gives elasticity and it helps to brush the hair. It has a light ...
5 Stars
... Excellent products! Fed our son with Holle 1 - 4 and goat milk for now! 100%quality and confidence ...
4 Stars
... It removes the sebum and the oilness and leave the skin clear and very soft ready for the day ...
5 Stars
... Very nice taste and simple ingredients which make it sweet without added sugar or syrup. ...
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At Violey you find 13,279 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 437 brands at reasonable prices.
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Martina Gebhardt Intensive Care Caps - Calming irritated skin
Calming irritated skin
The Intensive Care Caps from Martina Gebhardt are vegetable oils in capsules. The high-quality seed oils are absorbed quickly and leave your skin silky and smooth. In the vegan capsules the vitamins and freshness of the valuable ingredients remains intact. Martina Gebhardt Summertime Caps contain a high quality concentrate with oils of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, currants,...
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Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula - Milk powder for babies from man’s first domestic animal
Milk powder for babies from man’s first domestic animal
Globally seen, more people drink goat milk than milk from other animals. In Europe, France hosts the most goats. The milk of more than one million goats is used there nearly exclusively for making high-quality cheese. Goats are old companions of mankind and goat milk’s value has been known for centuries. Goats are one of man’s first domestic animals. Already 10,000 years ago,...
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Davert Breakfast Porridges - Nice and warm with fresh fruit
Nice and warm with fresh fruit
Nutrition experts recommend grains and grain flakes in the morning. They contain important carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fibers and minerals. The mixtures could of course also be prepared by yourself. Luckily, it's even easier with Davert Breakfast Porridges: They contain ingredients for every taste. Choose your breakfast among couscous, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, almonds,...
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Weleda Shower Trial Set - For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
An intensive shower refreshes us and revitalizes our weary bones. At the same time it helps to start the day fit. Weleda has created a Trial Set that combines the different Weleda shower gels in small sizes. This allows shower fans to try the different shower gels and to find the individual favorite. The Weleda Trial Set is also a great and lovely gift. Especially families...
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Annemarie Börlind Intensive Concentrates - Beauty shots with depth effect
Beauty shots with depth effect
If you want do not want to make any compromises regarding the support of your skin, cosmetics without chemicals is suitable. In the world of natural cosmetics, the care products by Annemarie Börlind have been well established for many years. The intensive concentrates complete the various care systems. They go deep into the skin and provide a clearly noticeable care result...
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La Finestra Organic Ice - An Ice-cold treat
An Ice-cold treat
From the small Italian community Villareggia in Piedmont comes tasty water ice of the brand La Finestra sul Cielo. Every package contains 10 bags of vegan water ice in 4 delicious flavors. The ice contains only the sugar from grape juice concentrate and the sugar of the fruits included in the ingredients. Other sugar and artificial additives are deliberately omitted. La...
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Rosengarten Vegetable Crackers - The savory alternative to crisps & co
The savory alternative to crisps & co
Rosengarten Vegetable Crackers are available in three delicious flavors: Beetroot with horseradish, fennel with carrot and rosemary with sea salt. Together with homemade dip they turn into a delicious appetizer or party snack. The Camembert, Emmental and of course Cheddar on your cheese board will be pleased by the crackers. They also cut a fine figure apart from the banquet...
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DadoSens Hypersensitive Makeup - Naturally beautiful. Even with highly sensitive skin.
Naturally beautiful. Even with highly sensitive skin.
Even with decorative cosmetics it is important to pay attention to the ingredients. This is especially true for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin does not only require special care, but also a particularly gentle makeup. The decorative cosmetic line Hypersensitive from DadoSens soothes hypersensitive skin, maintains it and ensures a naturally smooth complexion. The products are...
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Logona Nail Polish - With natural cosmetics certification!
With natural cosmetics certification!
Now Logona has a nail polish that even fulfills the high standards of BDIH and NaTrue. The certified natural cosmetics nail polish contains only natural ingredients and does not include any synthetic additives. In the advertising language it is called 5Free: without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camper. The base of Logona Nail Polish is...
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Beltane Grill & Wok Marinades - Kitchen-ready allrounders for grilling, frying ans cooking
Kitchen-ready allrounders for grilling, frying ans cooking
The sun is shining, the grill is burning, the wok is steaming. It smells of delicious food. But it is the right seasoning that brings spice on the plate. The Grill & Wok marinades from Beltane are the perfect solution. Whether hot and spicy, fruity or exotic: the ready-to-cook marinades give fresh fish, tender meat, and tasty vegetables or savory tofu a delicate flavor and...
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