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1 Stars
... This is absolutely the worst organic laundry detergent I've ever used. It is very very VERY liquid, ...
5 Stars
... Perfect for Baby. Not Sweet and small packing can remain the powder fresh all the time. ...
5 Stars
... Wonderful product! Our 9 month old baby loves this milk very much. Thank you, Holle! ...
5 Stars
... My daughter loves them. They are a great product. They are a great alternative to rusks. ...
5 Stars
Kerzenfarm Hahn
... These candles burn in a very calm way. They are trustworthy and do not make the air in your living ...
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At Violey you find 13,086 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 434 brands at reasonable prices.
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Weleda Almond Facial Care - With the power of precious almond oil
With the power of precious almond oil
The care products of the unscented Weleda Almond product line are specially designed for sensitive skin. In combination with high-quality plant extracts the skin gets helps in order to find its balance again and in order to activate its natural protective functions. Plum kernel oil provides additional care in all Weleda Almond products. Plum kernel oil is rich in unsaturated...
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Svenska LantChips - Crispy spiced organic potatoes from Sweden
Crispy spiced organic potatoes from Sweden
Everyone likes to grab in the chips bowl. Often you cannot keep the hands off them even though you only wanted to try them. Chips are just too delicious. The Swedish company LantChips has focused on chips made from organic potatoes and prepared especially aromatic types with intense original potato flavor. This way exceptional extraordinary flavors were created that can...
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Sommer & Co. Melba Toast - Baked twice – double deliciously
Baked twice – double deliciously
Melba Toast always is a great choice! This is also proven by the three crispy delicious types of Sommer Melba Toasts. The Melba Toasts Rosemary & Olive Oil are baked without animal proteins and fats. Crispy, small and light. It is excellent for warm summer evenings with a glass of wine on the terrace. The Mediterranean Rusk also is great on every buffet in addition to olives,...
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Weleda Calendula Babycream - Protection and warmth for sensitive baby skin in diaper area
Protection and warmth for sensitive baby skin in diaper area
Calendula’s properties are just like targeted for developing children’s skin. The flowers, which are harvested early in the morning, carry a maximum of vital and valuable substances, which support skin perfectly when in intensive phases of development. Calendula has coordinating healing forces and is known for its soothing effects. In contrast to most of the plants of the...
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Dr. Hauschka Night Care - Night care in three steps
Night care in three steps
When the day comes to an end and our mind comes to rest, the nocturnal processes in our body are awakenend. The skin begins to work during our sleep in order to regenerate from the stresses and strains of the day. For this purpose some skin functions are shut down while others are activated additionally. The skin at night is in a completely different condition than during the...
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Kneipp Bath Crystals - With salt of prehistoric oceans
With salt of prehistoric oceans
At Kneipp they know how important salt is for the quality of bath crystals. For salt is not just salt. The Kneipp bath crystals contain a high proportion of pure and natural thermal brine salt. That is salt from an ocean that does not exist anymore. Where the city of Göttingen is today was an ocean 250 million years ago. This primordial sea dried up sometime. The salt was left...
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Byodo Emmer Pasta - Gourmet pasta made of original organic grain
Gourmet pasta made of original organic grain
In Piedmont there is an association of organic farmers, who have specialized in the cultivation of organic spring wheat. When it comes to pasta, good crop, however, still only is half of the battle. The right preparation is just as important. The secret of Byodo Emmer Pasta is the use of semolina instead of flour. In addition the noodles are produced pressing them through...
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LaSelva Pesto - Like a little trip to Italy
Like a little trip to Italy
LaSelva offers eight delicious varieties in a glass for those who wants to do something good for the pasta, but have a no time to make the own pesto in a mortar. Whether classic with organic arugula and organic pine nuts or more exotic with organic chili and organic flowers: This pesto makes every plate of pasta a little trip to Italy. Just add a little bit of parmesan on...
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Arche Matcha - The queen among green teas
The queen among green teas
Matcha means "ground tea" and is an extremely finely ground powder of green tea. The cultivation is much more complex than the cultivation of other types of tea, because the tea bushes need to be shaded before harvesting them. This intensifies the maturation that is responsible for the characteristic aroma, the high caffeine content and the deep green color. After the harvest...
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Salus organic Aperino herb aperitif - Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Enjoy Salus Aperino as a welcome drink with friends, in a quiet hour or just because you feel like doing so. Salus Aperino combines health and enjoyment! The balanced combination of ingredients does not only make it a experience in taste, but also an unique composition for health and wellness. 15 carefully selected herbs stabilise, tone and ensure excellent digestion and a...
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