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5 Stars
... Very good! Worth to buy! My boy loves to drink this goat milk. I will buy it again. ...
5 Stars
... It's nice. Weight is ok and it is delicious, baby like it. I would buy it next time maybe. Thank ...
5 Stars
... I like it because it is smooth and sickly without alcohol. Real production for 24 hours. ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I can't live without it. Great for sensitive or dry skin. It literally turned my sensitive skin ...
5 Stars
... Sante Homme Body & Hair one of the best product for men in addition to Sante Homme Shaving Foam ...
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Ultner bread specialties - From the South Tyrolese bread baker
From the South Tyrolese bread baker
Even those who do not have the opportunity to eat in the alpine scenery can easily bring the flair of the Italian Alps to their homes. This begins with the aromatic breads of the bread bakery Ultner. In St. Walburg in Ultental pure rye bread is baked traditionally with homemade sourdough. Ultner bread Vinschger Paarl tastes especially as a hearty snack. The pack contains two...
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Kneipp Bath Crystals - With salt of prehistoric oceans
With salt of prehistoric oceans
At Kneipp they know how important salt is for the quality of bath crystals. For salt is not just salt. The Kneipp bath crystals contain a high proportion of pure and natural thermal brine salt. That is salt from an ocean that does not exist anymore. Where the city of Göttingen is today was an ocean 250 million years ago. This primordial sea dried up sometime. The salt was left...
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Sonnentor Hildegard Tea - A plant encyclopedia to drink
A plant encyclopedia to drink
Under the name Hildegard Sonnentor offers a series of herbal mixtures straight through the monastery garden. Whether as a relaxing herbal tea, an herbal lent tea or harmony tea- Tea connoisseurs appreciate the fine mixtures with organic spices and organic herbs. Do you have problems with getting out of bed in the mornings? The Sonnentor Get Your Swing Tea contains no caffeine...
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Wellments Air Fresheners - There's something in the air
There's something in the air
The Wellments Air Fresheners provide a pleasant indoor climate with essential oils. And the application is easy: just remove the cork from the bottle and dip the wooden sticks into the liquid. These soak up with the scented water and spread the fragrance into the surroundings again. The more sticks you use, the stronger the smell. Every now and then you have to turn the sticks...
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Schalk Mühle pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil - Traditionally made pumpkin specialities from Styria
Traditionally made pumpkin specialities from Styria
If you feel an appetite for the typical nutty flavour of pumpkin seeds, the Austrian family operated oil mill Schalk Mühle can help you out. There, the shell-less seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin are processed in the traditional way for generations. Schalk Mühle Styrian pumpkin seed oil is still ground with a stone mill. The seed mash is mixed with water and salt, mildly...
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Schoenenberger Pure natural healing plant juice stinging nettle - Cleansing herb for cure of metabolism
Cleansing herb for cure of metabolism
Over the centuries, stinging nettle has been used as a cure for many illnesses. All these illnesses can be related to the term cleaning, as stinging nettle is an excellent vegetable diuretic, whose dehydrating action leads to removal of waste products, leaving the body via the kidneys. Therefore, stinging nettle is perfect for dehydration therapies of kidneys and bladder when...
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Martina Gebhardt Intensive Care Caps - Calming irritated skin
Calming irritated skin
The Intensive Care Caps from Martina Gebhardt are vegetable oils in capsules. The high-quality seed oils are absorbed quickly and leave your skin silky and smooth. In the vegan capsules the vitamins and freshness of the valuable ingredients remains intact. Martina Gebhardt Summertime Caps contain a high quality concentrate with oils of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, currants,...
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Sonnentor Mood well that ends well - Enjoy the moment!
Enjoy the moment!
Whoever worries less has more energy to face the challenges of everyday life. How often a good mood sets in has a lot to do with attitude. This has nothing to do with sugarcoating reality but rather with discovering the small opportunities to lift the mood during the day. The series Mood well that ends well from Sonnentor helps to you fully savor these precious moments....
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Pukka triple herbs tea - Delightful. Vivid. Unique.
Delightful. Vivid. Unique.
Enjoy wonderful organic herbal brews based on the Indian teaching of Ayurveda. Pukka Herbs was established to make the wonders of this ancient wisdom available for everyone. Pukka teas do not only taste wonderful, they can also raise the spirits. Pukka Three Ginger achieves this with a mixture of fiery ginger, galangal and sweet golden yellow turmeric....
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Primavera Skin Care Line Lavender Vanilla - Pretty allrounder with exquisite fragrance
Pretty allrounder with exquisite fragrance
Dry, sensitive skin is particularly challenging to care for. Thus Primavera has developed the Skin Care Line Lavender Vanilla. The valuable ingredients pamper the skin with an extra dose of moisture as well as soothe it. Taking proper care of dry, sensitive skin starts with the cleansing. The Lavender Vanilla Body Wash is a real treat. It cleans the skin gently, cares for it...
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