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2 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... The smell quite weird not too sure to put on my feet, havent tried it on my feet yet, will provide ...
5 Stars
... Rice ingest slippery soft, very fine children joy, each time with milk for his brew, we can see ...
4 Stars
... Quality product, good alternative for when you're not using fresh herbs. ...
5 Stars
... Very good products. My baby loves it very much. Now I want to buy more. Thank you. ...
4 Stars
... This does cover dark circles around eyes etc. but does leave a bit of an waxy film behind and ...
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Annemarie Börlind Beauty Pearls - Take care of your skin with the natural talents of the ocean
Take care of your skin with the natural talents of the ocean
Worldwide 80,000 different types of algae are known but estimated there are around 400,000 species. The marvelous creatures of the oceans appear in all kind of colors and shapes. There are green, red, brown or blue ones. Most of them are extremely rich in minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. For the Beauty Pearls Anti Pollution Series Annemarie Börlind takes advantages...
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Annemarie Börlind Shampoos - Foaming joy for beautiful hair
Foaming joy for beautiful hair
A well-groomed body significantly contributes to our well-being. Shampoo, soap, shower gel, and deodorants are the most common care products for our daily personal hygiene nowadays. A regular hair wash goes without saying and therefore shampoos are available in any colors and different variants. Regardless of the formulation a shampoo should be skin-friendly and biodegradable...
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Rigoni di Asagio orange flower honey - Sweet nectar from busy Italian bees
Sweet nectar from busy Italian bees
The efficiency of bee colonies is most likely a result of a clear and strict division of labour in the beehive. Which function a single bee takes over is determined by sex and age. The life mission of male bees – the drones – is reduced only to reproduction. In the beginning this is quite comfortable but it will be there fate later. The female bees do everyday’s work....
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Bad Aibling mud bath for the bath tub - Pleasant for joints and organs
Pleasant for joints and organs
One of our oldest and most precious natural remedies is moor. Created thousands of years ago, moors have been growing up until today. After the last ice age the ground could no longer accommodate snow water and prolonged precipitation. Trees, bushes, flowers and herbage were flooded with water. Branches, leafs and grass formed multiple layers. The organic material died. The...
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Lavera basis sensitive Kids Tooth Gel Strawberry-Raspberry - Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
The first teeth are most likely a big event for parents. And it is so not only because this indicates that those sleepless nights will soon have an end. With the first little white edge that makes its way through the soft gum also the time for scraping on soft fruits like bananas, pears or peaches begins. The still developing dental enamel is especially fragile to caries....
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Allos Amaranth fruit muesli - Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
When the first Europeans, lead by Hernando Cortez, landed on the previously unknown coast of Central America, they found a wonderful colour range of naturally grown plants and cultivations of Aztec farmers. Fields ranging from crimson to dark-red settled into green landscape as far as the eye could see. But the red fruit stands of the amaranth were not only colourful dots in...
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Beltane biofix Spaghetti Bolognese - Two-step seasoning for naturally fresh taste
Two-step seasoning for naturally fresh taste
In Swabian Neuburg, cooking was reinvented and has already been patented in 17 European countries. The result: Beltane biofix. Speciality of these innovative products from Swabia is a two-stage seasoning process. “Traditional Indian cuisine knows”, explains certified nutrition expert and Beltane CEO Simone Schleker, “that many heat-resistant condiments, like coriander or...
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Primavera Sauna Therapy Sample Set - Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation and wellness are an important balance to our hectic everyday life. The sauna is the perfect place to come down. While sweating you can completely switch off your thoughts and unwind. But to have a sauna is not only relaxing it also contributes to a better well-being. The aromatic water poured over the heated stones thereby affects our mood. So Primavera compiled a...
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Weleda care oil for expecting mothers - Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
A tiny little being has found home in your inner. With the knowledge of being pregnant, you therefore start thinking for two. As cosmetic products have to fulfil special requirements in this time, Weleda care series for pregnancy and lactation – like all other care products – only contains thoroughly checked, purely natural substances which are especially compatible. In every...
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Schoenenberger healing plant juice thyme - Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Thyme has been a valued medicine since the ancient times. Albert Magnus and Hildegard von Bingen described the beneficial effects of thyme and valued it as remedy for pertussis. Wilde thyme is considered as the heath of the Mediterranean. Thyme is cultivated in our part of the world in dedicated plantations, where its small, violet flowers spread a pleasant smell. Only the...
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