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5 Stars
... Very high quality, our son loves it. Never any digestive issues, it has been a smooth transition ...
4 Stars
... I had the scalp irritated and inflamed. This shampoo has solved my problems. ...
5 Stars
... Optimal line and optimal butter, with a fantastic scent. ...
5 Stars
... Excellent lipstick. Moisturises lips and has very brilliant colour which stays all day. ...
5 Stars
Fattoria Sicilsole
... Excellent rich flavour jam! So delicious with toasted bread. I definitely recommend this product. ...
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Lavera basis sensitive Kids Tooth Gel Strawberry-Raspberry - Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
The first teeth are most likely a big event for parents. And it is so not only because this indicates that those sleepless nights will soon have an end. With the first little white edge that makes its way through the soft gum also the time for scraping on soft fruits like bananas, pears or peaches begins. The still developing dental enamel is especially fragile to caries....
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Ecoworld Bath Chocolate - Don’t take a bite: take a bath!
Don’t take a bite: take a bath!
Although the seductive scent of fresh cocoa butter makes your mouth watering: you’d better not bite into this chocolate bar. The Ecoworld Bath Chocolate addresses to other senses than your taste buds. Precious organic cocoa butter and premium organic oils supply the skin with essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients, provide for the important lipid balancing effect of...
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Hübner Aloe Vera - The Empress of the medicinal plants
The Empress of the medicinal plants
Long before the humoral pathology was established in the modern medicine of the ancient world people believed that diseases were caused by demons. Those demons who invaded the body to torment it from within could be exorcized only with God's help. 4000 year old clay tablets found in Syria show that Aloe Vera has been issued such a divine status. In ancient Egypt and ancient...
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Martina Gebhardt Baby & Kids Calendula Cream - Less is more. Especially when it is about baby care.
Less is more. Especially when it is about baby care.
Every mother who holds her baby in her arms only wishes for the best for the young human being. A young mother will also hear a lot of well-meant advice, recommendations and tips. This is very confusing, but still it is easy if one remembers and trusts the slogan “less is more”. And this slogan is true for toys and television, as well as for baby care. Especially in the first...
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Farfalla Aromatic Bubble Baths - The highlight of the day
The highlight of the day
What is more pleasant than a relaxing bath? A bathtub with nice warm water for many of us is the highlight of the day. The bath additive plays an important role, it should support the relaxing effect with its lovely fragrance and skin caring attributes. A bath can help us leaving behind the stress of the day and find our spiritual balance again. Farfalla has a wide range of...
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Schoeneberger acerola juice - Joint vitamin C powers from freshly pressed acerola cherry juice
Joint vitamin C powers from freshly pressed acerola cherry juice
The unfiltered, freshly pressed juice of acerola cherries contains 30 times more vitamin C than the lemon. Two teaspoons of acerola juice cover the daily demand of vitamin C. The prophylactic and healing action of different healing plants on respiratory system illnesses and colds are effectively supported by the acerola juice. The acerola cherry, also known as West Indian...
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Govinda Chufli - Traditional delicacies from the Orient
Traditional delicacies from the Orient
Even in the afterworld we want to be dressed smartly and look good. It should be entertaining and fairly safe there. And the palate may of course not be neglected. Rich Egyptians put their deceased relatives a lot of useful everyday items in their graves 2,000 years before, for example clothing, spare clothes, soaps, cosmetics, oils, jewelry but also games, lamps and daggers....
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Schoenenberger healing plant juice thyme - Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Thyme has been a valued medicine since the ancient times. Albert Magnus and Hildegard von Bingen described the beneficial effects of thyme and valued it as remedy for pertussis. Wilde thyme is considered as the heath of the Mediterranean. Thyme is cultivated in our part of the world in dedicated plantations, where its small, violet flowers spread a pleasant smell. Only the...
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Primavera Base Oil Jojoba Organic - Moisturizer with sun protection factor
Moisturizer with sun protection factor
Jojoba is a indeciduous shrub, growing in deserts and semi-deserts. Actually, its origins are Mexico and the American states of Arizona and California. Long before America was discovered by the Europeans, the jojoba shrub had been used by Papago Indians for winning valuable jojoba oil. Today, jojoba is specifically grown in Israel, Argentina, Australia and Peru. The first...
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Sonnentor Spice Pyramids for cooking - Adding the final touch to perfect seasoning
Adding the final touch to perfect seasoning
It is no wonder your mouth is watering: There are modern dishes with a simple leaf décor on snow-white starched linen tablecloths. Flashing glasses waiting to be filled. Red candles in multi-arm chandeliers spread their warm light. From the background soft forest sounds can be heard. The quietly crackling fire in the chimney highlights this homely atmosphere. Most fascinating,...
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