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5 Stars
... Excellent product, yummy, suitable for lemonade when one's on the run.. or whenever one needs lime ...
5 Stars
... This flakes taste very good. They are a good alternative for my breakfast. ...
1 Stars
... I didnt like this bread. It had something that made me fill allergic to ... I dont know what it was ...
1 Stars
... I didnt like this product. For me it has not a very good taste. It tastes like soap ... sorry. ...
5 Stars
... I am very happy with this product. Its a little bit crunch and tastes very good. ...
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Allos Breakfast Porridge Vital - Power breakfast with super foods
Power breakfast with super foods
The Allos Amaranth Breakfast Porridge Vital Pure contains oat flakes, spelt flakes, amaranth, chia seeds, apples, almonds and flax seeds as well as a touch of real bourbon vanilla. The Allos Breakfast Porridge Vital + Aronia complements cereals with aronia berries and fruity cranberries. In comparison, the breakfast porridge Vital Moringa refines the basis of oat flakes, spelt...
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Sonnentor Viennese seduction melange, whole beans - An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
The birth of the Viennese coffee-house is dated by historians to the year 1683. At this time, Vienna was in a rather difficult situation. The Turks, which had already enslaved large parts of Eastern Europe, besieged the city with an invincible army and were just short of seizing it. The commander of the city, Graf von Starhemberg, was defending the city with his men quite...
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Weleda Shower Trial Set - For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
An intensive shower refreshes us and revitalizes our weary bones. At the same time it helps to start the day fit. Weleda has created a Trial Set that combines the different Weleda shower gels in small sizes. This allows shower fans to try the different shower gels and to find the individual favorite. The Weleda Trial Set is also a great and lovely gift. Especially families...
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Lazzaretti Spirals - The insiders’ tip for vegan pasta fans
The insiders’ tip for vegan pasta fans
The most delicious pasta comes from Italy and is made from durum wheat. Everybody knows that! Now you can put a big question mark behind this statement. Since the French company Lazzaretti offers a pasta that is made from green lentil, red lentil or chickpea flour. Eggs were deliberately omitted as well. Thus this delicious spirals are also suitable for vegans. Anyone who...
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Zwergenwiese Lupi Love - Hearty spreads made from whole lupine beans
Hearty spreads made from whole lupine beans
Four vegan spreads with sweet lupines complement the popular vegetarian spread range of Zwergenwiese. Lupi Love Curry, Lupi Love Paprika Pepper, Lupi Love Tomato and Lupi Love Onion Garlic do not only make vegetarian hearts leap for joy. If a plant is cultivated with so much love, it deserves a special treatment. Therefore Zwergenwiese has developed especially tasty recipes...
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Govinda Raw Lee - The Powerhouse for energy reserves
The Powerhouse for energy reserves
Those who give everything in training do not want to make a compromise in their diet. Raw Lee, the new fruit leaf from Govinda unites the benefits of fruit and bar. The ingredients of Raw Lee can be counted on one hand. At the same time this little powerhouse is compact enough to be taken anywhere. Good news not just for athletes. As natural snack for in between Raw Lee...
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Govinda Chufli - Traditional delicacies from the Orient
Traditional delicacies from the Orient
Govinda offers the natural sweet nut in three breakfast compositions. The preparation is easy. Simply pour hot water over it, add delicious fruits and stir - ready. The base of all Govinda Chufli is organic chufa sedge flour. With the Basic Chufli you can enjoy the intense aroma of dried apples, figs, and apricots. Combined with quinoa bran, buckwheat flakes, sunflower seeds,...
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Fontaine Tuna for Pasta - For perfect pasta pleasure
For perfect pasta pleasure
For gourmets Fontaine has thought of something special and combined tuna with pasta. There are two kinds available - Tuna for Pasta Olives, Capers & Tomatoes and Tuna for Pasta Tomatoes - that can be prepared quickly and easily: cook noodles in slightly salted water as usual, then strain off the pasta water up to only a little bit is left and add the Tuna for Pasta. Heat up...
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Kneipp Bath Crystals - With salt of prehistoric oceans
With salt of prehistoric oceans
At Kneipp they know how important salt is for the quality of bath crystals. For salt is not just salt. The Kneipp bath crystals contain a high proportion of pure and natural thermal brine salt. That is salt from an ocean that does not exist anymore. Where the city of Göttingen is today was an ocean 250 million years ago. This primordial sea dried up sometime. The salt was left...
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