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... Great food, children are very fond of it. ...
5 Stars
... The product is very good as my baby loves it! After trying multiple formula and finally we tried ...
5 Stars
... it's tasty and its becoming my morning boost everyday. love it! definitely will buy again after ...
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... love this compact powder, its very light and natural but makes my skin looks great,unfortunately i ...
5 Stars
... This is an awesome product! My baby is loving it so much, and we are happy that we are able to ...
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At Violey you find 12,320 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 409 brands at reasonable prices.
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Allos Amaranth fruit muesli - Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
When the first Europeans, lead by Hernando Cortez, landed on the previously unknown coast of Central America, they found a wonderful colour range of naturally grown plants and cultivations of Aztec farmers. Fields ranging from crimson to dark-red settled into green landscape as far as the eye could see. But the red fruit stands of the amaranth were not only colourful dots in...
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Primavera Sleep Therapy - Good night, sleep tight!
Good night, sleep tight!
Primavera has launched four products that support body and mind with coming to rest with its Sleep Therapy Line. Primavera Sleep Therapy Balm, Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist, Sleep Therapy Roll-On and Sleep Therapy Oil Blend rely on pure plant essences. Essential lavender oil provides relaxation and inner peace whereas the delicate floral scent of essential neroli is responsible...
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Florascent Parfum Aqua Orientalis Tishka - A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
In the Persian fairy tale One Thousand And One Night, King Shahryar was betrayed by his woman and a slave. Convinced that no woman would ever be faithful, he married every day a new woman and spent the night with her. At the next the morning the woman was then handed to the deathsman. One day, king Shahryar demanded Scheherazade, the wise daughter of his vizier. In the night,...
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Beltane Naturkost Prima Pasta - Bella Italia on your plate
Bella Italia on your plate
When enjoying delicious pasta in combination with creamy sauce it comes to a true taste explosion. Now you can relive this experience authentically: Beltane Naturkost has developed three new ready meals that can be prepared quickly and simply. The scent of pasta will fill the room and revive memories of warm holiday days. The production process of the three spaghetti sorts...
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Annemarie Börlind Loose Powder with Hyaluronic Acid - For a micro fine and moisturizing finish
For a micro fine and moisturizing finish
Most powders nowadays do not mat the skin, on the contrary, they let it shine. And is it even possible that loose powder retains the moisture of the skin? A look into the cosmetics laboratory at Annemarie Börlind shows it. Research paves the way to new experiences: A fluid make-up moisturizes and conceals imperfections. That sounds logical. It can have a liquid till creamy...
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Davert Seitan - The versatile meat substitute made from wheat
The versatile meat substitute made from wheat
You don’t have to be an advocate of the macrobiotic diet in order to discover the many culinary possibilities of seitan. With Davert Seitan Fix Nature you can easily prepare delicious seitan dishes, for example, as a fried stripes, as crumbed slices or chopped for a vegetarian Bolognese. In a hot pan seitan unfolds its full flavor and gets a crispy brown crust. For all those...
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Biokosma Cleopatra - Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Inspired by the mythology of the beautiful Egyptian pharaoh Biokosma created the Cleopatra Body Care Line. The formulas with their pleasant texture and floral fragrance make the daily body care a pampering ritual. Mare's milk for beauty? In fact milk is a true multi-talent when it comes to skin care. The fat contained in milk soothed irritated skin and protects it from drying...
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Rapunzel Breakfast Porridge - Powerful all day with delicious porridge!
Powerful all day with delicious porridge!
Rapunzel offers a favorite porridge for everyone! Fruity sweet with apples and bananas, delicious with chocolate and without sugar, base-forming, particularly energy-rich and warming with fine raspberries or balanced Ayurvedic...You will be surprised! The breakfast porridge base contains aromatic almond bits, sesame and sunflower seeds. Add fresh fruits and your day can begin....
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Heliotrop Multiactive Line - With extracts from the African savannas
With extracts from the African savannas
What demanding skin needs now is persistent care that provides it with long lasting and rich active substances. Heliotrop Multiactive provides just that - a variety of products, tailored to the particular care needs. The intensive complex of active ingredients with organic ginkgo extract, hibiscus extract, hyaluronic acid and acacia extract with effective tightening effect...
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Aries Seed Bombs - Fight boredom and monotony
Fight boredom and monotony
Guerilla Gardening - that sounds as if someone was raging in your garden. But that's not what it is about regarding the Aries Seed Bomb. Imagine someone would throw a ball of soil in your garden and after a few weeks there were blooming beautiful flowers. How wonderful! And that is exactly what it the concept of the Aries Seed Bomb. However you should make sure that the garden...
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