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5 Stars
... Great care for chapped, dry, sore lips. I am a strong believer in the goodness of bee products, and ...
5 Stars
... Great product, I used it day and night, under SPF and on its own. Visibly tightens and firms the ...
5 Stars
... This formula is safe and taste good for my baby, thanks violey for providing good products. ...
5 Stars
... Like it. Was using for massaging foot and legs, feels nice warm and skin becomes soft ...
5 Stars
... So quick for receive the milk, baby love it sooooooooooooooooo much! i will buy it next time! ...
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Primavera Sauna Therapy Sample Set - Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation for every mood
To have a sauna is not only relaxing it also contributes to a better well-being. The aromatic water poured over the heated stones thereby affects our mood. So Primavera compiled a sample set that makes your visit to the sauna something special. The set consists of the three different fragrance compositions Lemongrass Cedar, Orange Ginger and Grapefruit Lime. Those three...
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Breast milk substitute: Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 - If you can not or not continuously breastfeed
If you can not or not continuously breastfeed
In general, the base ingredient of baby nutrition is cow milk. This milk is adapted as far as possible to breast milk. Metabolism of babies is not completely functional in the first months of living. To avoid stress for this young system, all baby food has to be easy to digest. Therefore, milk fat is partly or completely substituted by vegetable fat. Holle organic baby milk...
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Ecover Fabric Conditioner - Soft laundry – effortlessly
Soft laundry – effortlessly
Ecover has been devoted to manufacturing and continuously developing ecological cleaning products for over 30 years. All Ecover fabric conditioners are based on plant and mineral ingredients. Their ingredients are completely biodegradable (except the minerals) and also usable for constructed wetland. This way you can feel comfortable in your skin - and laundry....
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Primavera Spring Awakening - Awaken spring fever
Awaken spring fever
Primavera Spring Awakening provides a pleasant freshness boost. The notes of tangy and tart grapefruit and lemony-fresh Douglas fir have an invigorating effect whereas the fruity timbre provides casual relaxation, without making tired. If you do not have a fragrance lamp, a diffuser or such at home or in the office you can spray the invigorating freshness with the Air Spray...
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Münchner Kindl Mustard - When it comes to sausages
When it comes to sausages
Besides the traditional mustard classics, Münchner Kindl surprises with exotic fruit mustard creations, such as mango mustard. Here tropical mango meets white balsamic vinegar from Italy. A unique, fruity-sweet taste experience - anything but a typical mustard. Aromatic and surprisingly fruity, thus the mango mustard almost can be called the smoothie among the fruit mustards....
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Weleda Shower Trial Set - For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
For relaxation and refreshment in the shower
An intensive shower refreshes us and revitalizes our weary bones. At the same time it helps to start the day fit. Weleda has created a Trial Set that combines the different Weleda shower gels in small sizes. This allows shower fans to try the different shower gels and to find the individual favorite. The Weleda Trial Set is also a great and lovely gift. Especially families...
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Sodasan Sauna - Clearing body and mind
Clearing body and mind
Sodasan offers natural sauna scents in four fragrances. Sodasan Sauna Lemongrass brings the South in your sauna. Experience the Mediterranean flair with an intense invigorating and lemony-fruity touch. Thus the summer holiday seems just within your reach. Likewise fruity, but much more intense is Sodasan Sauna Orange Ginger, the fruity-spicy nuance for more balance. Experience...
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Weleda Calendula Babycream - Protection and warmth for sensitive baby skin in diaper area
Protection and warmth for sensitive baby skin in diaper area
Calendula’s properties are just like targeted for developing children’s skin. The flowers, which are harvested early in the morning, carry a maximum of vital and valuable substances, which support skin perfectly when in intensive phases of development. Calendula has coordinating healing forces and is known for its soothing effects. In contrast to most of the plants of the...
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Schoenenberger healing plant juice thyme - Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Thyme has been a valued medicine since the ancient times. Albert Magnus and Hildegard von Bingen described the beneficial effects of thyme and valued it as remedy for pertussis. Wilde thyme is considered as the heath of the Mediterranean. Thyme is cultivated in our part of the world in dedicated plantations, where its small, violet flowers spread a pleasant smell. Only the...
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Logona Baby Body Lotion Calendula - From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
He loves me, he loves me not…quite everyone has once tried to find out which feelings the adored one really has by plucking flower leaves. This “oraculating” with bright-yellow, up to 4 centimetres wide flower heads of calendula is not at all an invention of our times. Already a thousand years ago, the ancient Germans worshiped calendula as a holy plant of goddess Freya by...
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