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4 Stars
Dr. Dünner
... This is a very effective product. I'd like to introduce it to all my friends. ...
3 Stars
... All was fine with this product, but the smell is a bit strange and is too strong for dish ...
5 Stars
Lebenswert bio
... Easy to make! Especially tasty when made with the Holle formula. I've ordered it multiple times! ...
5 Stars
... Great. My baby loves it, and Holle is really good choice for baby. Hope more baby products could be ...
2 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... The smell really really Weird and really not too sure to put that on my feet ...
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Organic Advent Calendars - A Gift for 24 days
A Gift for 24 days
Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright...but there are 24 more days to come. Until Santa Claus finally is coming to town you can spent the time pleasantly. When was the last time you give a little something to your partner? Our tip: Surprise your loved ones with a Christmas calendar. With such a gift you do not only show your partner and friends how important...
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Logona Baby Body Lotion Calendula - From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
He loves me, he loves me not…quite everyone has once tried to find out which feelings the adored one really has by plucking flower leaves. This “oraculating” with bright-yellow, up to 4 centimetres wide flower heads of calendula is not at all an invention of our times. Already a thousand years ago, the ancient Germans worshiped calendula as a holy plant of goddess Freya by...
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Florascent Parfum Aqua Orientalis Tishka - A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
In the Persian fairy tale One Thousand And One Night, King Shahryar was betrayed by his woman and a slave. Convinced that no woman would ever be faithful, he married every day a new woman and spent the night with her. At the next the morning the woman was then handed to the deathsman. One day, king Shahryar demanded Scheherazade, the wise daughter of his vizier. In the night,...
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Heliotrop Multiactive Line - With extracts from the African savannas
With extracts from the African savannas
When you worked your way through the years of adolescence you see a lot of things with different eyes. But not only changes the view, even your skin does with the years. It gets thinner, more vulnerable and it needs more time to regenerate. You no longer can rely on the natural moisture regulation of the skin one hundred percent. Now it is about time to deal intensively with...
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Farfalla Shaman Incense - Rediscover old knowledge
Rediscover old knowledge
The shamans of indigenous peoples are not only honoured by their one clan members, but also by the ones from other tribes. A integral part of shaman spirituality is burning incenses. To get in contact with innermost forces, powerful aromatic plants like arbour vitae, juniper, or white sage are burned. Burning incenses are used for various scopes. Shamans get into trance to get...
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Primavera Skin Care Line Lavender Vanilla - Pretty allrounder with exquisite fragrance
Pretty allrounder with exquisite fragrance
Well kempt and supple skin is a visible sign of well-being. To maintain this condition a lot of attention and care is necessary. Dry skin is inherited mostly. The tendency however is usually reinforced by certain lifestyles and grooming habits. Environmental influences such as heat, cold or sunlight determine the condition of our skin. When the skin begins to tense and becomes...
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Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula - Milk powder for babies from man’s first domestic animal
Milk powder for babies from man’s first domestic animal
Globally seen, more people drink goat milk than milk from other animals. In Europe, France hosts the most goats. The milk of more than one million goats is used there nearly exclusively for making high-quality cheese. Goats are old companions of mankind and goat milk’s value has been known for centuries. Goats are one of man’s first domestic animals. Already 10,000 years ago,...
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Weleda care oil for expecting mothers - Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
A tiny little being has found home in your inner. With the knowledge of being pregnant, you therefore start thinking for two. As cosmetic products have to fulfil special requirements in this time, Weleda care series for pregnancy and lactation – like all other care products – only contains thoroughly checked, purely natural substances which are especially compatible. In every...
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Sanchon Barbecue Sauces - Spicy, smoky, savory
Spicy, smoky, savory
Summer, sun and barbecues – that’s an inseparable trio. A juicy steak, fresh fish, tasty vegetables or delicious tofu are welcomed on the plate. With a delicate sauce that rounds off the full taste the meal is perfect. Barbecue sauces are the classics at every successful barbecue. Sanchon has four barbecue sauces available that not only taste good but also underline the...
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Breast milk substitute: Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 - If you can not or not continuously breastfeed
If you can not or not continuously breastfeed
In general, the base ingredient of baby nutrition is cow milk. This milk is adapted as far as possible to breast milk. Metabolism of babies is not completely functional in the first months of living. To avoid stress for this young system, all baby food has to be easy to digest. Therefore, milk fat is partly or completely substituted by vegetable fat. Holle organic baby milk...
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