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5 Stars
... This is the first Sencha tea I tried years ago, I still love it and always come back to it. ...
5 Stars
... Excellent perfume. Shipment fast and payment methods quite easy. It's a pity that I do not live in ...
5 Stars
... This is a great product. Beyond the fact that it is organic and does not contain most of the ...
4 Stars
Martina Gebhardt
... This cleanser is made of only natural ingridients and has good smell. I like it very much and will ...
5 Stars
... Very good products. My kid loves it very much :) I feed milk to her more than 4 times a day. Now I ...
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Schoeneberger acerola juice - Joint vitamin C powers from freshly pressed acerola cherry juice
Joint vitamin C powers from freshly pressed acerola cherry juice
The unfiltered, freshly pressed juice of acerola cherries contains 30 times more vitamin C than the lemon. Two teaspoons of acerola juice cover the daily demand of vitamin C. The prophylactic and healing action of different healing plants on respiratory system illnesses and colds are effectively supported by the acerola juice. The acerola cherry, also known as West Indian...
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Logona Baby Body Lotion Calendula - From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
He loves me, he loves me not…quite everyone has once tried to find out which feelings the adored one really has by plucking flower leaves. This “oraculating” with bright-yellow, up to 4 centimetres wide flower heads of calendula is not at all an invention of our times. Already a thousand years ago, the ancient Germans worshiped calendula as a holy plant of goddess Freya by...
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Salus organic Aperino herb aperitif - Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Enjoy Salus Aperino as a welcome drink with friends, in a quiet hour or just because you feel like doing so. Salus Aperino combines health and enjoyment! The balanced combination of ingredients does not only make it a experience in taste, but also an unique composition for health and wellness. 15 carefully selected herbs stabilise, tone and ensure excellent digestion and a...
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Weleda care oil for expecting mothers - Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
A tiny little being has found home in your inner. With the knowledge of being pregnant, you therefore start thinking for two. As cosmetic products have to fulfil special requirements in this time, Weleda care series for pregnancy and lactation – like all other care products – only contains thoroughly checked, purely natural substances which are especially compatible. In every...
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Schoenenberger Pure natural healing plant juice birch - To enhanced production of urine
To enhanced production of urine
In contrary, birch leafs are used traditionally for blood purification during spring cures. Birch leafs generally act diuretic, which means that they activate kidney and bladder function, resulting in extended amounts of urine. This is done especially gentle without irritating kidney tissue. The effect of birch leafs is mainly based on natural ingredients like flavanoids,...
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Naturata Organic Bourbon Vanilla Pods - Spanish vanilla monopoly broken by slave boy
Spanish vanilla monopoly broken by slave boy
When Hernán Cortéz set sails to make Mexico part of the Spanish Empire, his main goal was one thing: gold. He was convinced that there was truth in the rumours about temples with golden roofs and streets made from gold in the land of the Aztecs. The inexhaustible richness, that he should find, was not precious noble metal, but a renewable, unsuspicious pod called Cacixanatl,...
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Beltane Naturkost Prima Pasta - Bella Italia on your plate
Bella Italia on your plate
When you think of an Italian summer you immediately have the taste of fresh pasta and fruity tomato sauce in your mouth. When enjoying delicious pasta in combination with creamy sauce it comes to a true taste explosion. Now you can relive this experience authentically: Beltane Naturkost has developed three new ready meals that can be prepared quickly and simply. The scent of...
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Primavera Alabaster Fragrance Lamp Lunaris - Made of million years old sea water
Made of million years old sea water
Since thousands of years, artisans have been inspired by the marble-like, slightly transparent alabaster to create wonderful works of art. The works of ancient times are sculptures, vases, wells, reliefs and portraits of detailed perfection and impressive beauty. The grave chambers of the pharaohs were already filled with art made from alabaster, to enable the Egyptian kings...
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Logona Man Aftershave Balm - Only a groomed man is an attractive man
Only a groomed man is an attractive man
The first impression is the most important. This is true not only for a first date, but also for a job interview or acquisition of new customers. And only a groomed man is an attractive man. It is common knowledge already: male skin is thicker than the female one. But hazardous pollutants in the air, UV radiation and getting older cause damage to the male skin as well as to...
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Primavera Sauna Therapy Sample Set - Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation and wellness are an important balance to our hectic everyday life. The sauna is the perfect place to come down. While sweating you can completely switch off your thoughts and unwind. But to have a sauna is not only relaxing it also contributes to a better well-being. The aromatic water poured over the heated stones thereby affects our mood. So Primavera compiled a...
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