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5 Stars
... Smells great. Very sweet, delicate and pleasant aroma. Just love this one! ...
5 Stars
... Its simply perfect. Even my daughter (2.8 years) love it. We are definitely buying more. ...
5 Stars
... Every Holle product I have tried so far has surpassed all my expectations in every way. I would ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I have been using it for a week now and i love it (31y). I use it with daily hidrating eye cream ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I have been using it for a week now and i love it (31y). I use it with night treatment (renewing ...
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Gartenleben Organic-Cast - Tea time for your plants
Tea time for your plants
What sounds like advice from nutty gardeners is often proven means for plant strengthening. The Austrian company Gartenleben has tasked itself with the activation of the plant's own forces using the power of natural microorganisms and organic herbal supplements. Through special drying processes Gartenleben has managed to create a dry, long lasting and ready to use compost tea....
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Dr. Goerg Coconut Oil - In Bio-Premium Quality
In Bio-Premium Quality
For Dr. Goerg the requirements regarding organic certification of coconut oil and the minimum requirements of the Philippine National Standard for Virgin Coconut Oil (PNS) are not strict enough. To ensure superior quality of coconut products, Dr. Goerg has subjected its own coconut products to stricter guidelines: For fruit, vegetables, coffee or wine, there are a good and...
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Florascent Parfum Aqua Orientalis Tishka - A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
A heady fragrance as from One Thousand And One Night
In the Persian fairy tale One Thousand And One Night, King Shahryar was betrayed by his woman and a slave. Convinced that no woman would ever be faithful, he married every day a new woman and spent the night with her. At the next the morning the woman was then handed to the deathsman. One day, king Shahryar demanded Scheherazade, the wise daughter of his vizier. In the night,...
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Dado Sens ExtroDerm - Regeneration for dry skin
Regeneration for dry skin
The natural and pleasant care formula of Dado Sens ExtroDerm with urea and panthenol moisturizes the skin and supports its ability to bind moisture itself. The skin becomes supple and itching and flaking is reduced. Borage seed oil provides a long-term care effect. Salt from the Dead Sea regulates the skin's natural salinity, increases the powers of the immune system and...
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Mack's Premium Muesli - A whole new breakfast experience
A whole new breakfast experience
The craft bakery Mack has set itself a simple goal: to make the best muesli that you can buy. Admittedly, not exactly modest. But everyone who has ever tried one of the organic crunchy mueslis will realize how close Mack's Muesli comes to this goal. The head behind Mack's Premium Muesli is Hans-Günther Mack, baker in the third generation. He, together with his employees,...
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Lavera basis sensitive Kids Tooth Gel Strawberry-Raspberry - Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
The first teeth are most likely a big event for parents. And it is so not only because this indicates that those sleepless nights will soon have an end. With the first little white edge that makes its way through the soft gum also the time for scraping on soft fruits like bananas, pears or peaches begins. The still developing dental enamel is especially fragile to caries....
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Primavera Flavor Essences - Let your imagination run free culinarily
Let your imagination run free culinarily
Have you ever used essential oils in your kitchen? No, then it's about time. With Primavera Flavor Essences there are endless culinary possibilities that are just waiting to be explored by you. Natural Flavor Essences are a great taste topping and a special addition in every nutritionally conscious gourmet’s diet. With the natural Flavor Essences from Primavera you can easily...
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Sommer Pane Picco - The small snack for big rounds
The small snack for big rounds
A good glass of wine or a cold beer is much-loved in a nice round. There has to be something to nibble away along with it. Pretzel sticks and crackers are especially appreciated. Summer makes your evening even better with something special that has it all: the three different varieties of Pane Picco make the evening perfect. The English translation of the small baked treat is...
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Heliotrop Hair Care - For fine and thinning hair
For fine and thinning hair
The Heliotrop Hair Care products include four perfectly tailored system care products for fine, thinning hair: the Vital Shampoo, The Conditioner, the Intensiv Treatment and the Hair Tonic. The selected active ingredients of these products include organic caffeine, bamboo extract, organic ginkgo, organic birch lead and organic açai extract....
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Logona Rose Face Care - The tender secret against dry skin
The tender secret against dry skin
The product line Logona Organic Rose bestows dry skin with rich moisture and helps to prevent deficiency symptoms such as redness, feelings of tension and premature wrinkles through its healing and soothing agents. High quality and mild vegetable oils also improve the complexion and elasticity of your skin. In this series this is supported by Organic Aloe Vera with its...
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