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5 Stars
... Holle is a sort of very nice product. My baby pretty enjoys it. I am preparing to conduct my ...
5 Stars
... perfect. i think my child will like it so much, though he/she is not born. by the way. the post is ...
5 Stars
... Assolutamente fantastico. Lo uso per tutta l'igiene personale compreso il lavaggio dei capelli ! ...
2 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... The smell quite weird not too sure to put on my feet, havent tried it on my feet yet, will provide ...
5 Stars
... Rice ingest slippery soft, very fine children joy, each time with milk for his brew, we can see ...
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Logona Man Aftershave Balm - Only a groomed man is an attractive man
Only a groomed man is an attractive man
The first impression is the most important. This is true not only for a first date, but also for a job interview or acquisition of new customers. And only a groomed man is an attractive man. It is common knowledge already: male skin is thicker than the female one. But hazardous pollutants in the air, UV radiation and getting older cause damage to the male skin as well as to...
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Sonnentor Viennese seduction melange, whole beans - An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
The birth of the Viennese coffee-house is dated by historians to the year 1683. At this time, Vienna was in a rather difficult situation. The Turks, which had already enslaved large parts of Eastern Europe, besieged the city with an invincible army and were just short of seizing it. The commander of the city, Graf von Starhemberg, was defending the city with his men quite...
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Eisblümerl Thai Peanut Sauces - An exotic taste adventure
An exotic taste adventure
The peanut actually is not really a nut. To be particular about it, the peanut is related to peas and beans and therefore belongs to the legume family. However it differs from other legumes because its husk remains closed even in a ripe state. That’s why it is linked with nuts. And thus the peanut is regarded as a nut despite its botanical origin. Beside its delicious taste...
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Salus Intestine-Care Herbal Tonic plus - Apple and plum extracts for activate intestinal functions in a natural way
Apple and plum extracts for activate intestinal functions in a natural way
If one wants to make it through the winter month in good shape, the intestinal system should be in focus. Only a healthy intestine ensures a healthy immune system, as nearly 80 percent of all defence cells are found in stomach lining. Stress, lack of exercise and wrong dietary habits damage the sensitive gastrointestinal function and lead quickly to digestive disorders,...
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Aries Seed Bombs - Fight boredom and monotony
Fight boredom and monotony
Guerilla Gardening - that sounds as if someone was raging in your garden. But that's not what it is about regarding the Aries Seed Bomb. Imagine someone would throw a ball of soil in your garden and after a few weeks there were blooming beautiful flowers. How wonderful! And that is exactly what it the concept of the Aries Seed Bomb. However you should make sure that the garden...
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Annemarie Börlind Beauty Pearls - Take care of your skin with the natural talents of the ocean
Take care of your skin with the natural talents of the ocean
Worldwide 80,000 different types of algae are known but estimated there are around 400,000 species. The marvelous creatures of the oceans appear in all kind of colors and shapes. There are green, red, brown or blue ones. Most of them are extremely rich in minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. For the Beauty Pearls Anti Pollution Series Annemarie Börlind takes advantages...
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Allos Hofgemüse - Spead the bread with vegetables
Spead the bread with vegetables
We love to eat vegetables. They are fresh and tastes delicious. Especially when you combine different vegetables together great tastes can be created. Many of us know this and preserve vegetables themselves. Skilled housewives can develop their own spreads from them. Allos has taken advantage of this knowledge and developed the product line Hofgemüse. Allos uses only high...
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Walkers Shortbread Selection Flora Macdonald - Scottish pure butter Shortbread with the painting of a Scottish National Heroine
Scottish pure butter Shortbread with the painting of a Scottish National Heroine
Highland Heroine Flora MacDonald famously helped Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart, Young Pretender) escape from the Isle of Uist to Skye. The prince had fled following defeat at the battle of Culldown in 1746. Charles had been on the run for two months before he met Flora. The Prince was disguised as Flora’s Maid – Betty Burke and they made the famous journey by...
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Fiordifrutta Apricot - Gold for italian fruit-spread
Gold for italian fruit-spread
All fruits that can make it into a glass of Fioridifrutta come from Europe and are exclusively freshly harvested. Sweetening is done only with natural-clean apple sugar. Fioridifrutta is produced by Rigoni di Asiago, Italy’s market leader in organic honey and organic fruit spreads, following traditional receipts. Modern production methods allow an especially gentle while...
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Logona Baby Body Lotion Calendula - From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
He loves me, he loves me not…quite everyone has once tried to find out which feelings the adored one really has by plucking flower leaves. This “oraculating” with bright-yellow, up to 4 centimetres wide flower heads of calendula is not at all an invention of our times. Already a thousand years ago, the ancient Germans worshiped calendula as a holy plant of goddess Freya by...
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