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5 Stars
... Amazing product, one of my favorites, ordering more now! Really worthy! ...
5 Stars
... I use this everyday for my eyebrows! Very good quality and the color is very natural dark brown. ...
4 Stars
... Lovely, soft pencil and the price is minimal! This is a quality product! ...
5 Stars
... My son loves this cereal. It tastes great and it's filling. I highly recommend it. ...
5 Stars
... This is very effective for cough. The taste is very bitter and it's not easy to get my little one ...
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At Violey you find 13,039 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 423 brands at reasonable prices.
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Beltane Grill & Wok Marinades - Kitchen-ready allrounders for grilling, frying ans cooking
Kitchen-ready allrounders for grilling, frying ans cooking
The sun is shining, the grill is burning, the wok is steaming. It smells of delicious food. But it is the right seasoning that brings spice on the plate. The Grill & Wok marinades from Beltane are the perfect solution. Whether hot and spicy, fruity or exotic: the ready-to-cook marinades give fresh fish, tender meat, and tasty vegetables or savory tofu a delicate flavor and...
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Mack's Premium Muesli - A whole new breakfast experience
A whole new breakfast experience
The craft bakery Mack has set itself a simple goal: to make the best muesli that you can buy. Admittedly, not exactly modest. But everyone who has ever tried one of the organic crunchy mueslis will realize how close Mack's Muesli comes to this goal. The head behind Mack's Premium Muesli is Hans-Günther Mack, baker in the third generation. He, together with his employees,...
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Spielberger Oat flakes small - Nutrient-rich and easy to digest
Nutrient-rich and easy to digest
Most farmers wonder about city people who stand along the field edges and debate about which type of grain they are looking at. A quite high hit rate shows oat, which can be easily distinguished by its two glumes, decidedly forming a tip. Furthermore, oat grains do not grow in heads, but are discretely connected to the twig by small connecting fibres. Grains are separated into...
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Eco Cosmetics Baby & Kids - Protection and care for delicate children’s skin
Protection and care for delicate children’s skin
With the product line Baby & Kids Eco Cosmetics offers a range of high-quality natural cosmetic care products for babies and small children. The Baby & Kids Body Oil provides an intensive moisture supply. You can already add a few drops into the bathing water or massage it into the damp skin after bathing. The body oil is also ideal for gently cleansing the small baby bottom....
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Savon du Midi Argan Oil Soaps - For those who are clever with their hands
For those who are clever with their hands
Whether you feel most comfortable in the garden, in the garage or in the hobby room: You need to get clean again after work. And that can be very pleasant with the right soap. With the vegetable oil soaps from Savon du Midi you are holding a real soap bar in your hands. The soaps smell nice and cleans in a lipid replenishing and very pleasant way. The argan oil soaps from...
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Bad Aibling mud bath for the bath tub - Pleasant for joints and organs
Pleasant for joints and organs
One of our oldest and most precious natural remedies is moor. Created thousands of years ago, moors have been growing up until today. After the last ice age the ground could no longer accommodate snow water and prolonged precipitation. Trees, bushes, flowers and herbage were flooded with water. Branches, leafs and grass formed multiple layers. The organic material died. The...
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Davert Chia Topping - A plus of nutritional values for breakfast
A plus of nutritional values for breakfast
In the media a new magic word is found: Superfood. And yet the explanation is simple: Super foods are foods with a particularly high proportion of nutrients. Superfoods from Davert have raw food quality and are therefore particularly valuable. Chia Toppings from Davert are available in four flavors: Mango Lucuma, Cranberry Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon and Date Cocoa. All Davert...
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TerraBio Pasta - Organic pasta from the breadbasket of Italy
Organic pasta from the breadbasket of Italy
Real pasta fans know that mainly three things are essential for the production of good pasta: fresh ingredients, careful processing and enough time. TerraBio has itself committed to these values. TerraBio is an association of 80 farmers and processing plants in the Italian Marche region. As a cooperative it controls the entire production chain of its pasta itself; from the...
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Annemarie Börlind NatuPerfect - 20 liters flower nectar from 80,000 torch lilies
20 liters flower nectar from 80,000 torch lilies
In the mountains by the river Ardèche there blossoms an almost forgotten treasure. Ten years ago the French businessmen Armand Tronc-Reynard and Hervé Mermin discovered the potential of the torch lily and started to cultivate it on their fields in Deprtement Ardèche, in the Rhône-Alpes region, in order to harvest the bright yellow-orange flower's precious nectar for cosmetic...
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Lazzaretti Spirals - The insiders’ tip for vegan pasta fans
The insiders’ tip for vegan pasta fans
The most delicious pasta comes from Italy and is made from durum wheat. Everybody knows that! Now you can put a big question mark behind this statement. Since the French company Lazzaretti offers a pasta that is made from green lentil, red lentil or chickpea flour. Eggs were deliberately omitted as well. Thus this delicious spirals are also suitable for vegans. Anyone who...
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