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1 Stars
... This product was very disappointing as it did not help whiten my teeth at all! ...
5 Stars
... Where I live summers are very hot and dry, and I can't stand any day cream because they make me ...
5 Stars
... I'm in love with this day cream, it's wonderful, the texture, the smell, feels very good and my ...
5 Stars
... Fresh, with clean aroma, it works well in summer time, I like it because it is not very spicy. ...
4 Stars
... Love it for it's neutrality. I do not tolerate any stronger fragrances, especially under my nose, ...
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At Violey you find 13,491 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 448 brands at reasonable prices.
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Advent calendars with cereals, tea or cosmetics - Christmas anticipation times 24
Christmas anticipation times 24
Are you one of those people for whom anticipation is the greatest joy of the year? And are you already waiting impatiently for the Christmas holidays? One thing is for sure: the older one gets, the faster Christmas Eve comes. Anyone with children knows that. For the young the days before Christmas are at least twice as long. At the same time, parents wish for an extra advent...
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Hübner Aloe Vera - The Empress of the medicinal plants
The Empress of the medicinal plants
The popular Hübner Aloe Vera skin care line has now gained some certified natural cosmetic products extra. The moisturizers with organic Aloe Vera make the skin soft and velvety. The pleasant lemony fresh scent of the product makes the daily care an enjoyable feel-good experience. Valuable organic apricot kernel oil and nourishing organic almond oil contained in the Aloe Vera...
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Schoenenberger Pure natural healing plant juice birch - To enhanced production of urine
To enhanced production of urine
In contrary, birch leafs are used traditionally for blood purification during spring cures. Birch leafs generally act diuretic, which means that they activate kidney and bladder function, resulting in extended amounts of urine. This is done especially gentle without irritating kidney tissue. The effect of birch leafs is mainly based on natural ingredients like flavanoids,...
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Simply Raw Spreads - Raw Food with the Carrot Factor
Raw Food with the Carrot Factor
The Berlin couple Melanie Temborius and Oliver Thun, also known as Mr. & Mrs. Raw, has launched the brand Simply Raw. They want to oppose the product range of conventional shopping sites with an authentic and delicious raw organic alternative. Particularly in the area of raw food they score with detailed information. For example, with the Simply Raw Creams, three raw food...
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ChocQlate Set for making chocolate at home - It's easy to become a chocolatier
It's easy to become a chocolatier
The good news is: making chocolate yourself is very easy! The company Chocqlate has developed a set with which you can make delicious chocolate yourself without conching for days. The starter kit contains cocoa butter, agave syrup to sweeten the chocolate and a mix of cocoa beans, cocoa powder and bourbon vanilla. Everything else you will find in your kitchen: a pot, a bowl...
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Sonnentor Spice Pyramids for cooking - Adding the final touch to perfect seasoning
Adding the final touch to perfect seasoning
For those who do not want to join the professional spice fishing Sonnentor has the right solution. You can choose from four perfectly matched Sonnentor spice blends in practical pyramid bags: With white pepper, ginger, lemongrass and allspice; with cardamom, ginger, lemongrass and cloves; with bay leaves, garlic, coriander, allspice, thyme and juniper or with pepper, lovage,...
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Gepa Grand Chocolate - Noble and Natural
Noble and Natural
To make chocolate of the highest quality, one needs three things: the best ingredients, a chocolatier who knows his craft and enough time. Then you get a chocolate specialty that is more than just some candy - like the Grand Chocolat from Gepa. Extra long and gentle conching make it wonderfully soft and creamy without emulsifiers.Gepa does not use foreign fats, but only pure...
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Schoenenberger Slimming cure classics - To ebbing or inner body cleansing
To ebbing or inner body cleansing
Plants contain a multitude of agents that harmonise with each other, that are unique in their complexity and that form a effective entity: the so-called ring of agents. The ingredients are dissolved from the fresh plant by the gentle Schoeneberger pressing method and are therefore contained in the fresh juice mostly naturally. The plant juices are bottled naturally pure, which...
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Primavera Sleep Therapy - Good night, sleep tight!
Good night, sleep tight!
Primavera has launched four products that support body and mind with coming to rest with its Sleep Therapy Line. Primavera Sleep Therapy Balm, Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist, Sleep Therapy Roll-On and Sleep Therapy Oil Blend rely on pure plant essences. Essential lavender oil provides relaxation and inner peace whereas the delicate floral scent of essential neroli is responsible...
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Grüne Liebe Organic Feed - Organic snacks for rabbits and Co
Organic snacks for rabbits and Co
Naturhof Schröder has developed a varied menu for small animals that mainly consists of fresh hay which comes directly from the meadows of the bird sanctuary "Weseraue" and is available in four variations. Grüne Liebe are snacks that complement a species-appropriate nutrition of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus as well as rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. All...
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