Care with herbal ingredients, essential oils and organic content - What distinguishes nature cosmetics, natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics?
Natural cosmetic is something beautiful. Vegetable agents, which were used already by ancient healers to alleviate skin irritations, are as well part of it as essential oils of the Orient, which fascinated Alexander the Great, or herbal extracts, once used by medicine men of the Maya to make the most diverse salves. That is what makes natural cosmetics so unique: its ingredients are vegetable and the knowledge of their effectiveness has been inherited from one generation to the other. Our time has the great...
Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care - Lavera basis sensitive Kid's Tooth Gel Strawberry-Raspberry
The first teeth are most likely a big event for parents. And it is so not only because this indicates that those sleepless nights will soon have an end. With the first little white edge that makes its way through the soft gum also the time for scraping on soft fruits like bananas, pears or peaches begins. The still developing dental enamel is especially fragile to caries. Therefore, the bacteria have to be kept away from the little teeth. This becomes even more important in the following months. Milk teeth suffering from caries also affect...
Gold for italian fruit-spread - Fiordifrutta Apricot
All fruits that can make it into a glass of Fioridifrutta come from Europe and are exclusively freshly harvested. Sweetening is done only with natural-clean apple sugar. Fioridifrutta is produced by Rigoni di Asiago, Italy’s market leader in organic honey and organic fruit spreads, following traditional receipts. Modern production methods allow an especially gentle while effective processing of fruit spreads. The processing itself is done using a low temperature method, invented by Rigoni di Asiago: the fruits are not cooked, but cold-mixed at...
Only a groomed man is an attractive man - Logona Man Aftershave Balm
The first impression is the most important. This is true not only for a first date, but also for a job interview or acquisition of new customers. And only a groomed man is an attractive man. It is common knowledge already: male skin is thicker than the female one. But hazardous pollutants in the air, UV radiation and getting older cause damage to the male skin as well as to the female. Due to the thicker skin, men show wrinkles noticeably later than women, but when they show they are deeper and more visible than the ladies’ ones. But with an...
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