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5 Stars
... Yum! Perfect texture and a wonderful lemony flavour. A great little nutritious snack. ...
5 Stars
Dr. Hauschka
... I love Dr. Hauschka 's since I try samples at the first time, especially the Rose Day Cream, it ...
5 Stars
... Easy to apply, soft, doesn't leave any sticky film. No scent at all. Liked this eye cream very ...
5 Stars
... Really a wonderful roll-on. Truely sensitive to skin, not scented AND efficient! The ball could be ...
5 Stars
... Best lotion I have ever used for atopic dermatitis and dry and itchy winter skin. Using this lotion ...
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Weleda care oil for expecting mothers - Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
Happily expecting - A challenge for skin and connecting tissue
A tiny little being has found home in your inner. With the knowledge of being pregnant, you therefore start thinking for two. As cosmetic products have to fulfil special requirements in this time, Weleda care series for pregnancy and lactation – like all other care products – only contains thoroughly checked, purely natural substances which are especially compatible. In every...
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Byodo Balsamic Vinegar - Uniquely delicious balsamic vinegars
Uniquely delicious balsamic vinegars
Byodo organic balsamic vinegars are characterized by their unique fruity taste and naturalness. The delicate flavor compositions ignite the passion of many amateur and professional chefs and inspire new ideas. New in the range of Byodo are the three delicious varieties: Cherry Vanilla, Cassis and Ginger Pear. The good thing about the daily salad is that you can vary it...
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Walter Lang Honey Specialties - Breakfast indulgences thanks to busy bees
Breakfast indulgences thanks to busy bees
Fitting the honey competence of Walter Lang there now is the special edition „around the world in eight glasses“ with 8 different honeys and a Walter Lang honey manual. You now can learn delightfully about the world of the bees and get to know honey specialties of flowers such as coriander, thyme, leather harness, orange blossom, marmeleiro, wild lavender, white fir or...
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Salus Winter Tea - Tea for the cold days
Tea for the cold days
This year Salus has again compiled a tea collection for the cold season that warms from inside and offers an exceptionally good taste. The different tea blends are suitable not only for large but also for small tea drinkers. The Christmas tea compositions have such wonderful names as Russian Winter, Winter Elf, Calm Time and St. Lucia. This way Christmas feelings are already...
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Farfalla Organic Aroma Sprays - When the mood needs a little push
When the mood needs a little push
All-natural fragrances of essential oils are able to neutralize unwanted scents, they can help us to relax, promote a restful sleep, provide a sense of security and give us hours of enjoyment. Farfalla Organic Aroma Sprays can influence moods and give consolation. They are the little helpers when our mood needs a little push....
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Gepa Grand Chocolate - Noble and Natural
Noble and Natural
To make chocolate of the highest quality, one needs three things: the best ingredients, a chocolatier who knows his craft and enough time. Then you get a chocolate specialty that is more than just some candy - like the Grand Chocolat from Gepa. Extra long and gentle conching make it wonderfully soft and creamy without emulsifiers.Gepa does not use foreign fats, but only pure...
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Davert Seitan - The versatile meat substitute made from wheat
The versatile meat substitute made from wheat
You don’t have to be an advocate of the macrobiotic diet in order to discover the many culinary possibilities of seitan. With Davert Seitan Fix Nature you can easily prepare delicious seitan dishes, for example, as a fried stripes, as crumbed slices or chopped for a vegetarian Bolognese. In a hot pan seitan unfolds its full flavor and gets a crispy brown crust. For all those...
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Bad Aibling mud bath for the bath tub - Pleasant for joints and organs
Pleasant for joints and organs
One of our oldest and most precious natural remedies is moor. Created thousands of years ago, moors have been growing up until today. After the last ice age the ground could no longer accommodate snow water and prolonged precipitation. Trees, bushes, flowers and herbage were flooded with water. Branches, leafs and grass formed multiple layers. The organic material died. The...
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Aries Seed Bombs - Fight boredom and monotony
Fight boredom and monotony
Guerilla Gardening - that sounds as if someone was raging in your garden. But that's not what it is about regarding the Aries Seed Bomb. Imagine someone would throw a ball of soil in your garden and after a few weeks there were blooming beautiful flowers. How wonderful! And that is exactly what it the concept of the Aries Seed Bomb. However you should make sure that the garden...
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Sante Ageless Skin Care Product Line - Looking young is not a question of age
Looking young is not a question of age
Today we achieve a vital and smooth looking skin using the right cosmetic products. Sante created the Ageless Line especially for the needs of women that take care of their appearance the natural way. The Ageless Skin Care Line gently softens small lines and wrinkles and can be used to prevent them. The Sante Ageless products benefit from an active H³ ingredient complex...
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