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5 Stars
... Great product. Baby loves it and it is so worth ordering :) ...
5 Stars
Eco Cosmetics
... Excellent product, thank you! The water where I live is very hard, which makes my fine hair dry and ...
5 Stars
Dr. Goerg
... Lovely and creamy, best coconut milk I have tasted. Wish it was available in the UK as obviously ...
5 Stars
Schalk Mühle
... The best pumpkinseed oil ever, I can eat spoonfuls of it! Lovely poured over vegetables. ...
5 Stars
... My 7 month old LOVES this 3 grain cereal for his morning meal. We make it with his stage 2 formula ...
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At Violey you find 13,700 natural cosmetics, organic- and natural products from 465 brands at reasonable prices.
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Logona Baby Body Lotion Calendula - From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
From the classical medicinal plant of the antiquity
He loves me, he loves me not…quite everyone has once tried to find out which feelings the adored one really has by plucking flower leaves. This “oraculating” with bright-yellow, up to 4 centimetres wide flower heads of calendula is not at all an invention of our times. Already a thousand years ago, the ancient Germans worshiped calendula as a holy plant of goddess Freya by...
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Cosmoveda Instant Chai - For a little chai break
For a little chai break
The Cosmoveda Instant Chai is available in two types: classic with milk powder or vegan with rice milk powder. Both types are offered in 7 delicious styles. For example enjoy the Instant Chai Chocolate (vegan or latte): The combination of Chai and cocoa is ideal for cozy moments in the favorite armchair. For those who like classic Chai the Instant Chai Pure is the right...
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Santa Verde Age Protect - Comes straight to the Point
Comes straight to the Point
The innovative anti-aging cosmetic series Age Protect of Santa Verde bundles vigorous agents from nature and provides demanding skin with everything that it needs for an even complexion. The four-part care system of Santa Verde provides with the active ingredients aloe vera blossom nectar, aloe vera juice together with fine oils a relaxed and smooth skin feeling. Santa Verde...
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Wellments Air Fresheners - There's something in the air
There's something in the air
The Wellments Air Fresheners provide a pleasant indoor climate with essential oils. And the application is easy: just remove the cork from the bottle and dip the wooden sticks into the liquid. These soak up with the scented water and spread the fragrance into the surroundings again. The more sticks you use, the stronger the smell. Every now and then you have to turn the sticks...
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Logona Man Aftershave Balm - Only a groomed man is an attractive man
Only a groomed man is an attractive man
The first impression is the most important. This is true not only for a first date, but also for a job interview or acquisition of new customers. And only a groomed man is an attractive man. It is common knowledge already: male skin is thicker than the female one. But hazardous pollutants in the air, UV radiation and getting older cause damage to the male skin as well as to...
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Allos Pollen from Sierra Morena - Fresh, fruity and aromatic taste from the bloom of Sierra Morena
Fresh, fruity and aromatic taste from the bloom of Sierra Morena
In the tales of Homer, Ibykus and Virgil, Ambrosia, the dish of gods is often mentioned. According to the myth, ambrosia was not only making beautiful and strong, but also immortal. Unfortunately, the Greek Gods only shared it with their peers, their loved ones or animals, making it difficult to find out the truth. No receipts or a list of ingredients can be found in those...
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Coteaux Nantais Fruit Puree - The noble fruit dessert
The noble fruit dessert
A good combination: apples and pears. The freshness of the apples and the sweet taste of the pears make the fruit puree apple pear a wonderful dessert. Cooled it can be a fruity alternative to ice cream on hot days. Coteaux Nantais fruit puree apple blueberry is prepared in a traditional way with 80% apples and 20% blueberries. The Purée de Fruits is wonderful as a spread or...
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Byodo Frying Oils - Because the right frying oil makes the difference
Because the right frying oil makes the difference
With three special frying oils Byodo brings variety in frying and deep-frying. Besides the mild Byodo Frying Oil Classic made from sunflower oil, Byodo offers the Frying Oil Olive - Mediterranean and made form pure olive oil. A specialty is the Frying Oil Exquisite - a mixture of sunflower oil and a good shot of toasted sesame oil. The Byodo Frying Oil trio has one thing in...
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GranoVita Muesli Cup - Enjoy your muesli to go
Enjoy your muesli to go
A well-balanced meal in the morning is the base for a successful day and gives you the strength you need. However we all experienced it at some point: sometimes there’s simply no time left to sit down and eat. Yet breakfast is possibly one of the most important meals of the day. GranoVita comes up with a smart solution for this: a portion of 85 g of muesli in a handy take-away...
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Grüne Liebe Organic Feed - Organic snacks for rabbits and Co
Organic snacks for rabbits and Co
Naturhof Schröder has developed a varied menu for small animals that mainly consists of fresh hay which comes directly from the meadows of the bird sanctuary "Weseraue" and is available in four variations. Grüne Liebe are snacks that complement a species-appropriate nutrition of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus as well as rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. All...
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