Primavera Alabaster Fragrance Lamp Lunaris - Made of million years old sea water
Since thousands of years, artisans have been inspired by the marble-like, slightly transparent alabaster to create wonderful works of art. The works of ancient times are sculptures, vases, wells, reliefs and portraits of detailed perfection and impressive beauty. The grave chambers of the pharaohs were already filled with art made from alabaster, to enable the Egyptian kings...
Bad Aibling mud bath for the bath tub - Pleasant for joints and organs
One of our oldest and most precious natural remedies is moor. Created thousands of years ago, moors have been growing up until today. After the last ice age the ground could no longer accommodate snow water and prolonged precipitation. Trees, bushes, flowers and herbage were flooded with water. Branches, leafs and grass formed multiple layers. The organic material died. The...
Farfalla Shaman Incense - Rediscover old knowledge
The shamans of indigenous peoples are not only honoured by their one clan members, but also by the ones from other tribes. A integral part of shaman spirituality is burning incenses. To get in contact with innermost forces, powerful aromatic plants like arbour vitae, juniper, or white sage are burned. Burning incenses are used for various scopes. Shamans get into trance to get...
Sonnentor Viennese seduction melange, whole beans - An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
The birth of the Viennese coffee-house is dated by historians to the year 1683. At this time, Vienna was in a rather difficult situation. The Turks, which had already enslaved large parts of Eastern Europe, besieged the city with an invincible army and were just short of seizing it. The commander of the city, Graf von Starhemberg, was defending the city with his men quite...
Lavera basis sensitive Kids Tooth Gel Strawberry-Raspberry - Protecting milk teeth of starters in oral care
The first teeth are most likely a big event for parents. And it is so not only because this indicates that those sleepless nights will soon have an end. With the first little white edge that makes its way through the soft gum also the time for scraping on soft fruits like bananas, pears or peaches begins. The still developing dental enamel is especially fragile to caries....
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