Stone salt, sea salt, Flor de Sal - Without salt, Munich would still be a village
1000 years ago, salt was obtained complexly out of sea water and sold in tiny amounts for high prices. This changed when underground salt deposits were found and exploited in larger scale. In the ancient world families that spiced their food with salt were considered rich. In Germany, extensive salt deposits were found in Thuringia. Due to the long route of transportation, salt was a commodity in great demand for an extended time. History knows old salt roads and salt highways. Even the rise of Munich, Bavaria’s...
Plant’s personality, its energy and its soul - Essential oil – all-natural, natural or nature identical?
The quest for enhanced wellness by using flavoursome plants is as old as mankind. Also, the application of aromatic plant compounds in medicine has a 5,000 years old history. Our knowledge today has been passed on from Arabs and Greek healers over the centuries. Today, essential oils go through a true renaissance. They are used in fragrance lamps and in medicine; also they are part of certain therapies. The sense of smell is one of the six human senses and equals hearing and seeing. While the medical effects of scents have not been founded...
Moisturizer with sun protection factor - Primavera Base Oil Jojoba Organic
Jojoba is a indeciduous shrub, growing in deserts and semi-deserts. Actually, its origins are Mexico and the American states of Arizona and California. Long before America was discovered by the Europeans, the jojoba shrub had been used by Papago Indians for winning valuable jojoba oil. Today, jojoba is specifically grown in Israel, Argentina, Australia and Peru. The first harvest is possible after 3 to 5 years. Even if jojoba reaches its maximum harvest capacity after 12 years already, the shrub can reach an age of 200 years under optimal...
Sillä puheet kenellä kuuppa – Who has the sauna dipper rules! - Primavera Sauna Therapy sample set
When Finns visit a German sauna, there are a lot of chances for them to put a foot in. For example, when a Finn enters a sauna, he or she will sprinkle a lot of aromatic water onto the hot stones. This will be considered as crime by the Germans, as this is only done by the sauna master. For Finns, it is just a matter of friendliness, as by opening the door heat could have been escaped and therefore the Finns try to re-establish the old condition again. Also the - in Germany mandatory - sauna master, who will sprinkle water regularly, is not...
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