Product Reviews
4 Stars
Dr. Dünner
... This is a very effective product. I'd like to introduce it to all my friends. ...
3 Stars
... All was fine with this product, but the smell is a bit strange and is too strong for dish ...
5 Stars
Lebenswert bio
... Easy to make! Especially tasty when made with the Holle formula. I've ordered it multiple times! ...
5 Stars
... Great. My baby loves it, and Holle is really good choice for baby. Hope more baby products could be ...
2 Stars
alva Naturkosmetik
... The smell really really Weird and really not too sure to put that on my feet ...
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Organic Advent Calendars - A Gift for 24 days
A Gift for 24 days
Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright...but there are 24 more days to come. Until Santa Claus finally is coming to town you can spent the time pleasantly. When was the last time you give a little something to your partner? Our tip: Surprise your loved ones with a Christmas calendar. With such a gift you do not only show your partner and friends how important...
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Weleda Men Active Shower Gel - Invigorating care for real men
Invigorating care for real men
For a fresh and fit start in the day or to quickly regain vitality after a good workout - What could be better than an invigorating shower? That’s why Weleda especially created the refreshing Weleda Men Active Shower Gel that makes even the most tired men bright and lively. Body and mind are revitalized and the skin is well-cared for. Essential rosemary oil gives the shower...
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Byodo Balsamic Vinegar - Uniquely delicious balsamic vinegars
Uniquely delicious balsamic vinegars
Already the chefs in ancient Rome prepared exceptionally tasty dishes. In fact pepper and salt were unaffordable and for this reason local herbs such as rosemary, sage, chives, thyme or lemon balm were added. Of course they already knew thousands of years ago about the effect and the taste of fermented fruits. While some especially enjoyed the intoxicating effects of fruit...
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Aries Seed Bombs - Fight boredom and monotony
Fight boredom and monotony
Guerilla Gardening - that sounds as if someone was raging in your garden. But that's not what it is about regarding the Aries Seed Bomb. Imagine someone would throw a ball of soil in your garden and after a few weeks there were blooming beautiful flowers. How wonderful! And that is exactly what it the concept of the Aries Seed Bomb. However you should make sure that the garden...
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Primavera Alabaster Fragrance Lamp Lunaris - Made of million years old sea water
Made of million years old sea water
Since thousands of years, artisans have been inspired by the marble-like, slightly transparent alabaster to create wonderful works of art. The works of ancient times are sculptures, vases, wells, reliefs and portraits of detailed perfection and impressive beauty. The grave chambers of the pharaohs were already filled with art made from alabaster, to enable the Egyptian kings...
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Sonnentor Viennese seduction melange, whole beans - An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
An indulgence in finest Viennese tradition
The birth of the Viennese coffee-house is dated by historians to the year 1683. At this time, Vienna was in a rather difficult situation. The Turks, which had already enslaved large parts of Eastern Europe, besieged the city with an invincible army and were just short of seizing it. The commander of the city, Graf von Starhemberg, was defending the city with his men quite...
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Salus organic Aperino herb aperitif - Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Alcohol-free - made from 15 valuable and digestive herbs
Enjoy Salus Aperino as a welcome drink with friends, in a quiet hour or just because you feel like doing so. Salus Aperino combines health and enjoyment! The balanced combination of ingredients does not only make it a experience in taste, but also an unique composition for health and wellness. 15 carefully selected herbs stabilise, tone and ensure excellent digestion and a...
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Sommer Pane Picco - The small snack for big rounds
The small snack for big rounds
A good glass of wine or a cold beer is much-loved in a nice round. There has to be something to nibble away along with it. Pretzel sticks and crackers are especially appreciated. Summer makes your evening even better with something special that has it all: the three different varieties of Pane Picco make the evening perfect. The English translation of the small baked treat is...
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Biokosma Cleopatra - Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Soft skin thanks to Swiss Milk from the Alps
Her beauty was legendary. Numerous deliverances praise her flawless skin, her flowing hair, her promising eyes and her enticing proportions. Historians describe Cleopatra as the most beautiful woman who was ever to see the light of day. It’s a fact: The most powerful men of the Roman Empire sank beneath the weight of her seduction. It’s said that Caesar at an instant became so...
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Naturata Organic Bourbon Vanilla Pods - Spanish vanilla monopoly broken by slave boy
Spanish vanilla monopoly broken by slave boy
When Hernán Cortéz set sails to make Mexico part of the Spanish Empire, his main goal was one thing: gold. He was convinced that there was truth in the rumours about temples with golden roofs and streets made from gold in the land of the Aztecs. The inexhaustible richness, that he should find, was not precious noble metal, but a renewable, unsuspicious pod called Cacixanatl,...
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