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5 Stars
... Great tasting formula. My baby loves it. Contains only a few simple ingredients and all organic. ...
5 Stars
... My baby so glad for this^) natural and nice color, i want to buy again. ...
5 Stars
... The product is very good, reliable, baby like very much, I will continue to buy, and have ...
5 Stars
Annemarie Börlind
... Great product! Repair my skin and firming. I am using this serum as day cream. ...
5 Stars
... I Buy Holle Many Times, and I Live In China. My boy likes it, and would ask to drink again before ...
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Schoenenberger healing plant juice thyme - Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Pure natural healing plant juice when suffering from coughing and bronchitis
Thyme has been a valued medicine since the ancient times. Albert Magnus and Hildegard von Bingen described the beneficial effects of thyme and valued it as remedy for pertussis. Wilde thyme is considered as the heath of the Mediterranean. Thyme is cultivated in our part of the world in dedicated plantations, where its small, violet flowers spread a pleasant smell. Only the...
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Allos Amaranth fruit muesli - Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
Survived despite death penalty: Amaranth, the aztec cult plant
When the first Europeans, lead by Hernando Cortez, landed on the previously unknown coast of Central America, they found a wonderful colour range of naturally grown plants and cultivations of Aztec farmers. Fields ranging from crimson to dark-red settled into green landscape as far as the eye could see. But the red fruit stands of the amaranth were not only colourful dots in...
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Aries Seed Bombs - Fight boredom and monotony
Fight boredom and monotony
Guerilla Gardening - that sounds as if someone was raging in your garden. But that's not what it is about regarding the Aries Seed Bomb. Imagine someone would throw a ball of soil in your garden and after a few weeks there were blooming beautiful flowers. How wonderful! And that is exactly what it the concept of the Aries Seed Bomb. However you should make sure that the garden...
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Sante Ageless Skin Care Product Line - Looking young is not a question of age
Looking young is not a question of age
Every woman desires a fresh and vital look as long as possible. Nowadays a bright and even complexion is no longer a miracle but the result of intensive skin care. Today we achieve a vital and smooth looking skin using the right cosmetic products. Sante created the Ageless Line especially for the needs of women that take care of their appearance the natural way. The Ageless...
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Blauer Planet Golden Goat - Goat Milk - As complement or alternative to cow milk
As complement or alternative to cow milk
Drinkers of cow milk consider the aroma of goat milk a little strange. But still goat milk outperforms cow milk significantly in several points: due to its smaller fat globules goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk. Additionally, goat milk contains twice the amount of vitamin A as cow milk and significantly more vitamin D. The majority of goat milk lovers in Western...
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Primavera Sauna Therapy Sample Set - Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation for every mood
Relaxation and wellness are an important balance to our hectic everyday life. The sauna is the perfect place to come down. While sweating you can completely switch off your thoughts and unwind. But to have a sauna is not only relaxing it also contributes to a better well-being. The aromatic water poured over the heated stones thereby affects our mood. So Primavera compiled a...
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Primavera Flavor Essences - Let your imagination run free culinarily
Let your imagination run free culinarily
Undoubted essential oils have a positive effect on us. Depending on the fragrance composition and its characteristics they can for example lift the mood or help us to relax. Essential oils are also well-known for their often impressive impact in aromatherapy. But have you ever used essential oils in your kitchen? No, then it's about time. With Primavera Flavor Essences there...
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Sanchon Barbecue Sauces - Spicy, smoky, savory
Spicy, smoky, savory
Summer, sun and barbecues – that’s an inseparable trio. A juicy steak, fresh fish, tasty vegetables or delicious tofu are welcomed on the plate. With a delicate sauce that rounds off the full taste the meal is perfect. Barbecue sauces are the classics at every successful barbecue. Sanchon has four barbecue sauces available that not only taste good but also underline the...
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Primavera Alabaster Fragrance Lamp Lunaris - Made of million years old sea water
Made of million years old sea water
Since thousands of years, artisans have been inspired by the marble-like, slightly transparent alabaster to create wonderful works of art. The works of ancient times are sculptures, vases, wells, reliefs and portraits of detailed perfection and impressive beauty. The grave chambers of the pharaohs were already filled with art made from alabaster, to enable the Egyptian kings...
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Farfalla Aromatic Bubble Baths - The highlight of the day
The highlight of the day
What is more pleasant than a relaxing bath? A bathtub with nice warm water for many of us is the highlight of the day. The bath additive plays an important role, it should support the relaxing effect with its lovely fragrance and skin caring attributes. A bath can help us leaving behind the stress of the day and find our spiritual balance again. Farfalla has a wide range of...
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